Wanderers of Oris

17 Mar

civilizationThe civilization with which you have not had to talk, but after a preliminary discussion of the possibility of our entering the beam in contact with you, with your supervisors from the Pleiades, it was decided that the transfer of information to our humanity would be appropriate and not contrary to any of the Seven Universal Laws.
(After that, I have tested channel “for the Cross” on the reliability of the information, which gave a positive result, so I proceeded to contact).
We are not spatially linked to any of the galaxies are not in any of the constellations known to you, but support the multifaceted relationship with the civilizations involved in the implementation of global experiments on your planet. Some of us belong to the category of so-called “civilizations-wanderers.” You – the mankind of the Earth – a unique civilization.
As you know, once your planet was in a very different place, and the Galaxy was much larger in size. Then there was an explosion and the planet has been reduced considerably, and the conditions on its surface is very much changed, and while all that was happening on Earth, has been omitted from the control of highly developed civilizations of the Cosmos. During this period, and something happened that made you unique.
What, in principle, a person different from biorobot which, when compared with you, in general, functionally course wins? Man – this is a set of biomass, rather fragile to external shocks, it is – wasteful and inefficient use of not only its unique capabilities, but also their incredible inherent data. But you are essentially different from bio-robots, and even those that have a range of energy-information, called “shells” or “soul”, as well as the most important and most valuable – is that you have acquired the capability to reproduce their own kind, without losing with its unique structure.
Due to a number of evolutionary causes and specific combinations of factors timeless, man, except the carrier sufficiently developed protein-nucleic acid complex has also a very powerful, multifunction energy system, capable to reproduce in their offspring as the flesh and the whole set of unique in its structure of energy Information shells, and an extraordinary range of psycho-emotional – after some adjustments – raises the earthlings as one of the few wonders of the universe.
You have a very highly developed system of … We would call it “the degree of resistance to external influences.” This is reflected in the fact that getting into a seemingly hopeless in most evolutionary adaptations, you type this, that seemingly defies all logic and no re-education, but you still manage to thus not only survive, but also more mature. But it can not be called a mutation.
We try to carefully look into the phenomenon of “human sverhprisposoblyaemosti” and explore this phenomenon, to the extent possible, to use it for all the civilizations of the universe. But for all its uniqueness, as you do yourself more harm anything and stubbornly unwilling to develop the trinity the main forces of life and to improve spiritually.
Rising and falling through the circles of the spiral field of time your galaxy, we could not detect complete prototypes of man, but this, in general, and clearly, as in all things there is no full twins. Sirius and the Pleiades civilization basically something similar to you, and although they are far superior to you in the development of the Mind, but still they have the shell field is not as well developed as yours, the people of Earth.
Once people are sufficiently develop a trinity of the main forces of life and enhance their consciousness to the desired level, then, thanks to the unique properties of its field of shells, you can penetrate any obstacles, moving in space-time at a rate many times higher than Speed of Light.
Thanks very extraordinary measures taken charge of your Civilizations of the Cosmos, this is a serious problem in your evolution to be in the near future is very interesting to be resolved: you will be completely self-contained energy. We are here as well (We will only say that “are”, but really us “here”, but there is only power – an aspect – our vibrational effects on the structure of your spirit) in order to assist in this regard to help, but we are working with your field offices only during sleep, and then access this memory block specifically blocked and you think you do not dream.
But this is not so – at night, when your consciousness is in the most passive, we are most active can work with him. But it is – not our main interest is not the main goal of our activity on your system. The purpose of the existence of our civilization – the knowledge of the world, space and other space-time level in order to apply this knowledge for the development of our own civilization, and to meet the challenges of a higher level – for the preparation of the information structures that will remain after the passage of all of us of the evolutionary cycle that is, after a temporary cessation of the existence of our galaxy.
The information accumulated and stored by us, will be the basis for the existence of higher than ours, the Worlds. And to those worlds were able to promptly take their stage of development and to prepare for the Worlds next cycle even greater awareness and energy base.
The level of our development is absolutely commensurate with the level of your civilization, but it does not mean that we treat you with scorn, condescension and superiority – the vibration of this kind very uncommon for our level. In addition, we know of mankind, not only in your “now”, but also in what is called your “future.” To us you are today – still, that “little children” of the Earth, and therefore relevant to you – appropriate, as caregiver refers to the supervised their child.
Compared to your civilization, We derive a much higher energy-information processes. We have hundreds of billions of years ago were approximately the same phase of its evolution, to which you are now just getting ready. The process of understanding themselves at this level has not kept – from the High “I” and “we” with whom you have yet to be reunited through the hundreds of millions of years, we have formed a great distance, that is, this is a completely wrong Higher “I”, which was laid in us at the beginning of our development, and from which we generate a form of existence that is now.
Our next strategic target on your planet – to enter the Earth, with its intellectual potential, as well as its energy and bio-energy quantities, the Common Space Commonwealth (in your sense). To this end, we and the representatives of other cosmic civilizations are now intensively engaged in research of human thinking as a bio-system with its informative and energy capabilities.
If people could deliberately control, stabilize and move in space-time bio-information its shell, then their chances would be practically inexhaustible, and far-reaching. In parallel, we investigate the energy potential and action potential of the Earth for future use, as the benefit of mankind, and for the needs of the whole cosmos.
For this purpose we have in the space of your planet – through intermediaries – there is a fairly extensive network of observations, consisting of both fixed base and mobile flying objects from different categories and destinations. This allows us to remove information from the most concentrated intellectual centers of large cities and so-called “Abnormal” people. At the same time we also carried out targeted energokorrektirovka constant in the direction of any large-scale, or dangerous to human life trends.
We have information about the many forms of matter, with Reason. We are interested in clean energy and information links that are being implemented within these forms of thinking matter. We learn not only plant but also the structure of solid minerals from the perspective of their interaction with living organisms.
In terms of studying the various parallel intelligent civilizations of Earth, We are most interested in the role of man as a bio-system thinking in the environment it occupies. Not only do we strive, through you, to fully understand the changing structure of communication and relationships between different types of Reason, but also to help the people of Earth, passing you on the various channels available to contact Ray for your learning and practical application of information.
We are also interested in the energy-informational interactions of your living environment – the environment as information-rich and matrix, that is primary, which is not biologically active information – with different types and forms of energy of the Cosmos. On the basis of information provided in your and in other galaxies, we improve our energy links, improving the energy balance within our civilization, and creating new principles of information transfer in the Cosmos.
We understand that here you may put questions about humanity and morality on our actions, but we can assure you that all the fundamental global Our decisions regarding the fate of the Earth and humanity as the basis of its collective consciousness, has always been and remains Welcome. We find it difficult to express this idea to the end, in terms of your understanding of these issues, but its essence is that in all our experiments, the main criterion is the Good, as the concept of “good” – not a purely human, but the intergalactic one.
Our main tactical ways you can
divided into three main areas:
• Eliminate any possibility of self-destruction of humanity by reckless use of fusion energy.
• Positive – as indirectly, through the quality of the radiation of other planets and constellations, as well as direct, directly through the transmutation of energy and the correction that make your information-energy system – impact on bioekrany maximum number of people, to prepare their minds: a) – to perceive information about the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence, and b) – the transition to a new level of development of the field time of your civilization.
• Emergency solution of the complex problems of the Earth as a living self-conscious Being, which is closely related to violations of its material and ecological and biological balance. – If you are a mighty civilization and humanity have the opportunity to provide practical assistance in such a critical moment of its development, then why do not you go out to the official contact with the governments of the Earth? – Go to the official contact with all of your civilization, all at such a low level of collective consciousness and without a deep enough preparation for this event from our side at various levels, so far we have considered it inappropriate. We are closely watching the development of some of the contacts, as you call them, “technocratic” civilizations, and more and more convinced that the contact at the highest level of nothing more than energy-imbalance within the flow of humanity, will not. You on the earth is still very strong militaristic, aggressive, ambitious, and consumer trends, oversaturated space of negative dynamic. Power on your planet is still owned by the forces that are not profitable to improve the level and quality of life of all people, because they are so much easier with the help of financial incentives to manage people on your own. In the case of direct contact with the Martians some of your government we have seen that side of your official interest in the first place does not raise questions of Collective Consciousness, the problem is not the spiritual development of civilization as a whole, but only a small property concerns the predominance of one nation over another, with the help received external knowledge to subdue these and expand its sphere of influence.In particular, even such seemingly innocuous information about the new approach to understanding your energy processes in your body, as well as the mechanisms of thought passed us by you and other rays of the contact, gives people the opportunity to apply this information in two ways: either for the benefit of , for the healing of human rights and the disclosure of the maximum capacity, originally laid down in his nature, or to the detriment of allowing a person to destroy, both physically and on the psychosomatic level, making the whole group of people into willing “zombie” by reprogramming their minds in the right direction. In this direction, by the way, a very advanced scientists Faculty of Biology, University of Tokyo, thoroughly studying the characteristics of the electromagnetic structure of the biological field, whose work is funded by the Korean military firms. In France, similar developments – in terms of Psychotronics and explore the possibility of preserving the memory of the water molecules in other liquid media, as well as in crystals – also engaged in military, and we must acknowledge that the study of the brain in some ways their methodology has gone far ahead compared with other countries. In this country also have advanced furthest in studying the structure of the field of human shell, or as you call it an “aura.” It has brought them to the need to address the problem of mathematical modeling of the laws of energy. The same can be attributed to the transferred information we have about new forms of energy , unknown to you about the types of physical fields and particles, the nature of their influence on biological objects, as well as the material objects of inanimate nature. in this direction is very well maintained development of the military departments of China, the USA, Germany and Japan. particular are well advanced towards the creation of flying machines, working on engines that use the force of gravity, electromagnetic and other types of fields. But the part of your space curators have full control over all investigations of this kind, which in any, risk to human security point can be either closed or simply destroyed them. We should note that at the time the Martians were passed not only committed military technology, but also those that allow you to now eliminate the shortage of food on the planet, it is to improve on the living conditions of all people, but it was all buried in safes inaccessible the richest people in your planet, which is not beneficial to replace oil, gas and coal to more rational and absolutely harmless sources of energy. Back then they had to close their factories and thousands of completely change all of the equipment. The same is with the food technology. A small group of people that contain tools to their entire government does not allow us yet to go to Ray of official contacts. So far, we, like other advanced civilizations in the cosmos in charge of mankind, are relying on “private” contacts with individual vysokosoznatelnymi people, as well as with small groups of private investigators plan, some of whom are scientists. We believe that by doing so we can more quickly and productively to prepare a good basis for negotiations at official level in the first years of the new millennium. Some of the prerequisites for this are already available today, yet the moral, spiritual and intellectual potential of humanity necessary for the adaptation produced by us new knowledge, is still very low.

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