The United States was discovered in the Stone Age

02 Mar

The archaeological discoveries suggest that America was first discovered in the Stone Age for 10,000 years before the arrival of the Siberian ancestors of American Indians.That is the conclusion; scientists have come after a series of discoveries on the east coast of the United States. In the six sites were found stone artifacts of European origin, age counts from 19 to 26 thousand years, three of them – on the Delmarva Peninsula, Maryland, found an archaeologist Dr. Darrin Lowery of the University of Delaware, two found in Pennsylvania and Virginia, and the last was a simple fisherman found 100 kilometers off the coast of Virginia on the ocean floor, which in prehistoric times was land. The similarity between the artifacts found in America and in Europe, it was noted long ago. However, before the age of these finds was 15,000 years old and belonged to the period when the Europeans have not created a similar product. That’s why most archaeologists denied the possibility of communication between the two cultures.
The last stone artifacts found belong to the same period as the European, and are virtually identical to their counterparts. Moreover, chemical analysis, conducted last year on a stone knife, found in Virginia in 1971, showed that it was made of flint of French origin. After analyzing all the evidence, Professor Dennis Stanford of the Smithsonian Institute (USA) and Professor Bruce Bradley of the University of Exeter (UK) suggested that Stone Age people during the glacial period, migrated from Eastern Europe to North America, traveling on ice or by boat along the frozen north Atlantic. Stanford and Bradley have long argued that Stone Age people were able to overcome the nearly 2,500 kilometers along the Atlantic ice, but until now evidence that there were relatively few. Now, based on recent discoveries, archaeologists have turned to the previously unexplored states – Tennessee, Maryland, and even Texas. According to their calculations, these areas should show more evidence of the Stone Age, and has made more discoveries will help to study the history of settlement of mankind. Earlier, it was assumed that the first tribes settled in America, Siberia, who became the ancestors of the Indians. That is the conclusion drawn by researchers in 2007 after large-scale genetic studies. They believed that it was with the territory of modern Altai about 14 thousand years ago, moved across Central and Eastern Siberia and overcome freezing in the winter Bering Straits, the ancestors of the indigenous inhabitants of the United States and Canada, first came to Alaska and then over the centuries have migrated to warmer and fertile region of North America.

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