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30 Mar

mysterious landScientist-zoologist Englishman Slater many years spent on a thorough study of the fauna of Africa and Asia. Plunged headlong into the job, giving her all the time and effort, he drew attention to the similarity of many of our younger brothers who lived in these two far distant continent.
Particular attention was attracted by the small primates – lemurs, who did not differ from each other, both in Africa and the Indian subcontinent. It is in these days, these funny little animals are almost always cut off and left only in the Comoros and Madagascar, in the XIX century, however, at the time of Slater’s, they feel safe and comfortable both in India and Africa, and Southeast Asia, and Australia.The absolute similarity of the lemurs has prompted scientist to an interesting idea, which he developed a theory supported by zoologists, paleontologists, geologists and other representatives of the scientific world in those days.

Slater said that once, long ago, Australia, South Africa and much of Asia were a single huge continent. This concept is explained a lot of obscure facts that are simply hung in the air, finding no support in any of the scientific explanation.

Historians, too, felt it my duty to make a contribution to the study of this issue. They have become thoroughly acquainted with the traditions and legends of ancient peoples. As a result, it turned out – the concept of the huge continent is not a convenient solution for zoologists, but the fact of having at a very real basis.

In numerous legends of Indian monks mentioned the continent of Mu, which stretched from the northern tip of Hawaii to Easter Island. Represented the land of the land mass of three, separated by straits and seas. It was destroyed 12,000 years ago, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

In the legends of the peoples of Oceania, a lot of talk about the vast land that was once located on the site of large and small islands scattered in the Pacific.

Of interest and references to the strange people of small stature, faced almost all the tribes inhabiting in the distant past the southwestern part of the Pacific and Indian subcontinent.

So, if you carefully read the ancient Indian epic Ramayana, then it is clear that King Rama fighting with stunted dark-skinned people who came to the Indian subcontinent to Sri Lanka. Creating a poem attributed to the IV century BC. Oe.

The collection of religious hymns of the Rig Veda is also a mention of the unknown and feeble stunted people who appeared on the lands of India, out of nowhere and then disappeared into nowhere.

Gradually, enthusiasts, seriously believed in the mysterious ancient land, formed the following theory: in the distant past in the Pacific, there was a vast continent, called Lemuria or Mu Continent. We lived on it representatives of the white, black, brown and yellow races. All nations were united into a single empire of the sun. Intelligent kings ruled over her, bearing the title of Ra-Mu.

The population was 70 million. Some people lived in cities and villages, and some in the woods. Those who chose a roof over their head, were engaged in agriculture, fisheries, construction, build their skills in arts and crafts were regarded as representatives of civilization. Who found his calling as a communion with nature deep into the spiritual perfection of their personalities and gradually reached a harmonious connection between body and soul.

The two groups coexisted in peace and did not interfere in the affairs of each other. Gradually, the lifestyle has made significant differences in their physical development.

Representatives of civilization resembled modern man. It was a strong muscular men, fully adapted to the harsh realities of the world.

Residents also had the weakest forest’s physical development, because, basically, have perfected their brain, not the body. They were alien to the interests of civilized society. Priority they thought the development of intuition , intellectual capacities of the brain , clairvoyance, teleportation , levitation , telepathy .

Twelve thousand years ago a terrible natural disaster has destroyed the continent of Mu. Lemuria sank into the abyss of water, taking with him on the seabed millions of lives.

Residents of towns and villages that have managed to escape and survive, sailed to foreign lands and quickly fit into the new flora and fauna. They have adapted smoothly to the unknown lands, in the wars with the local people defended their place in the sun and started a new life.

The inhabitants of forests has been much more difficult. It is absolutely unfit to unusual conditions, with poor physical development, they are difficult to fit into an alien world to them. Trying to gain a foothold in the Indian subcontinent, these people come to grips with the indigenous inhabitants of the peninsula. The final was deplorable. Almost all of them destroyed. Pitiful remnants of the accident found a new safe environment – they have gone underground, settled in a dark world, and lost sight of them aggressively tuned India’s population.

In other parts of the land was probably the same as after long wars, the former inhabitants of Lemuria suddenly disappeared and never appeared on the inhospitable lands of other nations.


His name Lemuria Continent received with a light hand of the scientist-zoologist. It was an Englishman Slater laid the foundation for a new reflection and serious study of the distant past. It seemed as if all the cards should be in the hands of men of science, but here the issue of connected philosophers teosofily, mystical, heterodox Christians.

Seeking spiritual truth was essential natures sample, the standard of perfection of all earthly things and intangible. They needed a cradle of spirituality, which they saw in the ancient continent of Mu. Therefore, Lemuria has changed its status, and significantly, it has become a land where once lived the root race of humanity.

About Lemuria many reasoned Blavatsky Helena Petrovna (1831-1891). As one of the leading philosophers of the Silver Age, this woman is not considered a mysterious land as a material object, but as the substance of the highest spiritual perfection, concentrating in a whole set of hidden in a man of pure and inexplicable forces.

In its filing, Lemuria was at the peak of popularity in the community for many decades. But the ordinary man in the street soon began to tire of the arcane calculations hovering in the clouds of philosophers, he needed specifics. As for concrete action it is not.

In 1931 a book by British Colonel James Cherchvorda “The Lost Continent of Mu.” In her cheerful tone, the author tells of the days of his youth. At that time he served in India and accidentally met a monk.

Something a young officer liked this older, sophisticated man in the affairs of life, and after a while he told James Cherchvordu strange story.

It turns out the monk was a member of a secret school called “Nick.” There is 70 000 years ago in the ancient state of Mu. It was a mighty power, far superior in its technical development of the state of the modern world. Fourteen thousand years ago, it destroyed a powerful natural disaster. In the unit survived. They carefully preserved all these centuries the story of their people. Until modern times, only two survived – himself a monk and his brother.

No specific evidence of how the existence of a strange monk, and the existence of an ancient mighty power, the English colonel does not. All his statements are based only on the words and suitable, perhaps, to write a fiction novel, but not a serious scientific treatise.

There is a rather strange story, he told an Indian trader several French scientists who came to India in early 1971 on a research trip.

The case, described by a Hindu, came in 1858 with his great-grandfather during the rebellion of sepoys. These were terrible years of lawlessness and mayhem. The rebels have shown the same brutality and the British and the natives of India, if they had any commercial dealings with the colonialists.

Ancestor of the narrator was at the time of troubles wealthy merchant. Trying to escape the tyranny forever drunk and obkurennyh sepoys, he tried to take refuge in the fortress, where he was a strong British garrison. Taking with him the gold and precious stones, earned by honest labor merchant, a refugee tried to quietly sneak behind the walls of the fort. Several sepoys somehow learned about the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat carried with it a merchant and began to pursue him.

Venue – the central India, the terrain is mountainous. The hero of the story im run at full speed on a flat foothills. Scoundrels, coveted the property of others, pursue it.

Rescue walls getting closer and closer. It has been possible to distinguish the English and the time at the observation tower. But the distance between the merchant and completely degraded sepoys steadily declining. The pursuers are about to catch up with the accident.

Suddenly, a merchant stumbles on a stone sticking out of the ground and falls. To his surprise and dismay, he falls into a wide hole and flies down for a long time. Mentally said goodbye to the life of our pilgrim suddenly notices that his rapid decline slows. He gently lowered to the ground and finds himself in a huge hall filled with white light.

He was surrounded by people of small stature and frail physique. They are turning to the astonished merchant in an unknown tongue, but he suddenly realizes that his brain is a strange way word translations, and he understands everything.

From communication with mysterious strangers amazing picture emerges. It turns out that these little people are already many hundreds of years of living underground. Up there, the world is very cruel and unfair to them. To survive and preserve its independence, this nation was forced deep into the earth, to build large settlements and start a new life in the eternal darkness, which was much friendlier and kinder to sunlight.

Merchant found carved into the rock dwellings, roads, squares. On artificial canals flowing underground river, on artificial pastures grazed very real sheep. Everything was lit with white light, which in its natural composition is completely coincide with the sun and made it possible to set up plants attracted to high arches vaults, as well as on the ground the same plants stretch toward the sun.

After spending a few months, flown as one day, a traveler on the captive was safely returned to earth. Warm and gentle rays of the sun caused the eyes of the merchant’s tears of joy, but he lost his head for joy, but first of all tried to tell others about what they saw. As expected, his words no one treated with due seriousness. Virtually all brushed aside the annoying dreamer, not believing any of his word.

Family members have kept this story as a legend. For generations, the descendants of the merchant passed it to each other. And so it came eyewitness account of the mysterious cave men to the XX century. French scientists believe there is a trader – remain a mystery. Rather, they reacted to the whole set out skeptical. People need scientific evidence, not from the mouth of the beautiful legend of the first counter.

But at least take note of the information they were required. Indeed, not long before, in 1966, a Russian professor has published a monograph Reshetov. In it he suggested that Lemuria existed and even pointed out the approximate areas where it could be. It is his opinion Ridge Middle Indian Ocean , Madagascar and Ceylon, and the archipelago lying to the east of them.

In 1985, Professor Masaki Kimura discovered off the southern coast of the island Yonanguni stepped pyramids width of 180 meters and a height of 80 meters. He suggested that this is part of a huge complex of buildings. Their age is dated from 3 to 8000 years BC. Oe.

In the Gulf of Cambay off the western coast of India were found, in our century, the ruins of a great city. On radioactive isotopes of carbon, scientists have determined the exact age of the settlement – 7500 BC. Oe.

The Earth keeps surprising secrets. Now and then people will find traces of past civilizations, buried underground or hidden from the eyes of the water column. The ancient continent of Lemuria still waiting to be discovered. Truth is not around the corner, and whoever gets to it first, will be shocked by all the diversity and grandeur of an ancient civilization, which was the ancestor of all intelligent and progressive, that is on our planet.

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