Sunspot group 1429: the second coming is coming!

30 Mar

Sunspot A group of sunspots in 1429, which in the past, the back of the Sun was very active in area 7 times greater than the area of the disk of the Earth and brought a series of bright geomagnetic events? In the middle of the month she went behind the western limb, but not dissolved in the crown, and continued to work actively.
SOHO solar observatory has recorded March 26 of its area once a powerful burst of energy. Later this fact was confirmed by solar observatory STEREO-B, and Spitzer, who stood nearly in the orbit, when faced with a shock wave. The land was not “in the firing line.
This event indicates that a group of sunspots in 1429 and remains active within a week once again come to the visible disk.

The experts of the Institute of Applied Geophysics. Fedorov, pay attention to it, and remind us that in the past, back in 1429 generated a group of spots 17 flares of class M and class 3 flare H.

On the opposite side of the sun in it were recorded some powerful coronal mass ejections. This is confirmed – Richard is himself again! The emergence of this group of spots on the solar disk will lead to a new burst of flare activity.

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