Pyramids in the world

30 Mar

pyramidsThe planet in those times three moons shone. Yes, it was three. The smallest and the closest was the period of revolution around the Earth just 7 days. It was called Lola. Second, the average size, had a period of 13 days and called Fatta (Fatta – Phaeton. Legend of Phaethon has reached us in the presentation of one of the earliest and most famous poets of antiquity, and mifografov – Hesiod (VIII cent. BC) as part of his poem “Theogony”). $ CUT $ Big Moon was called a month. (Month – and to this day because the moon is called in Ukraine). Its orbital period was 29.5 days.

On the death of a small moon – Lely know what she smashed into pieces and fell to the earth, causing more severe tsunami, inundating vast areas, including Da’Arias. “… Vanished, along with the moon … but also receives a Midgard paid for freedom, the great flood Da’Arias hidden … Waters of the Moon, the flood created, down to earth from heaven, they fell down a rainbow, because the moon has split apart, and Ratiu culture Svarozich in Midgard down … ” (Vedas of Perun, curve 1, p.9).

Daring use of the natural forces of the planet has led to the destruction of the second moon – Fattah, huge fragments which have fallen to the ground. As a result, the earth tilted its axis. To observers, the sun began to go through the different zodiac constellations. There have been advances of continental plates, causing powerful earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, huge tsunami. Those who came from ocean water flooded the coastal areas of the Black Sea, Azov plain, formed a peninsula, now called the Crimea, resulting in cracking of the crust and mountain building in some places. There was a change of climate toward cooling and additional mountain building in the main Caucasian ridge. All of these disasters caused by the fall of Fatty – Fetona can find lots of information on the Internet.
If what you say is the pyramid?

The fact is that the pyramids were built to stabilize the Earth’s magnetic field. All the pyramids were located at specific points of the Earth to change them passing through electromagnetic flux. Simply put, the pyramid itself is nothing like an ordinary lens, modulating flow through it. While preventing the movement of the lithosphere.

Our ancestors were building them in order to create a stable orbit, because 13,000 years ago was a disaster changed the orbit of the Earth’s axis by 23.5 degrees. After the fall of fragments of the Moon Fattah, the orbit of the earth was not stable. And at this time and began to build the pyramid to prevent possible turncoats planet, which is gradually swayed and eventually unable to roll over.

At the time, found the only way to stop this process. This construction of the pyramids, which are in different places around the globe create an electromagnetic grid stabilization. And as a result of which our ancestors managed to restore the axis and the orbit of our earth.

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