Mysterious Amber Room

30 Mar

RoomThe Amber Room is a masterpiece of jewelry. As we know, Amber – is a frozen pitch pine trees. Even ancient people in the Stone Age were made of amber figurines, jewelry and used it as a payment equivalent to that prized very highly and was equal to gold, bronze and copper. The walls of the Amber Room made in the form of strips, collected from the plates of amber, amazing colors and ornaments, presented in the form of monograms, coats of arms and carved garlands.

Amber mural was donated to the Russian Tsar Peter I in 1716, when he and his entourage was visiting the King of Prussia to the throne. Frederick William I, trying to curry favor with a powerful ally, organized a grand celebration with fireworks, fountains of wine and viands overseas. King of Russia in gratitude gave the King of Prussia 55 Russian soldiers of excellent giants. It is six feet tall soldiers picked for his army, Peter I.

On arrival home, Peter I lost interest in all but the costly gift. Since the Amber Room was lying about four decades in the offices of the Summer Palace.

Only in 1755 the Empress Elizabeth had ordered forward Amber Room in the summer residence of Tsarskoye Selo. All office furniture was packed in special boxes and 76 athletes selected Guardsmen went to the six-day hike.

It took about fifteen years old Russian masters, to bring to perfection the Amber Room, decorating it with friezes, mirrors, gold sconces, paintings and natural gems.

So the famous Amber Room remains the main miracle of the Catherine Palace, about 200 years old. But in 1941 it was dismantled and taken away by the Nazis in the capital of East Prussia – the city of Konigsberg. The subsequent fate is not known it until now.


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