Mysterious Altiplano plateau

14 Mar

1996 presented the discovery of several high-processed tool stones and sawn trunks of ancient trees. Scientists have explained the existence of artifacts found at the site of the ancient lost settlements of large people, but how these settlements did and the cause of death was not clear. Further excavations have continued to amaze archaeologists items made with high technology. Together with the geologists of the assumption was made that about four thousand years ago, these villages destroyed meteorite falling in the Campo del Cielo, in 250 km from these villages. The meteorite destroyed the cities with their populations, leaving only the ancient stones. But the quality of treatment of stones is striking: the polished surface of the patterned black mask, studded with turquoise, pipes for smoking with ornaments …
Many of the ornate patterns as if taken from the illustrations in 1931 edition of “Lost Continent of Mu” by James Cherchvorda of old mythical civilization, numbering 64 million people . The history of the culture of “Mu”, who lived on the Pacific land, James told the Indian monk, allegedly escaped and lived ever since. Selected references on the life and death of this ancient society found in the annals of Tibetan, and manuscripts from the Mayan chroniclers. Comparison of these documents time periods suggesting the existence of civilization of the time, “Mu” – more than 11 millennia ago. Contemporaries did not take seriously the theory of Cherchvorda spread throughout the world culture, “Mu”, as concrete evidence was not specified. But the latest findings are indirect evidence of the plausibility of his arguments. Similar altiplanskim, ornaments have been found in Mexico in the early twentieth century archaeologist William Niven. After a while, not far from the Japanese Yonanguni – a new finding. Pyramids have been discovered 10-millennial age with similar patterns. Particularly struck by the stone pipe, found in Bolivia, with precisely drilled holes. These musical instruments are able to make a sound frequency that coinciding with the biocurrents of the human brain, and it caused a lot of questions about the purpose of pipe. However, extracting the sound of them required a powerful effort, suggesting a highly developed light of ancient musicians. Size of detected masks were also very high. Perhaps these ancient people – the same god-like creation of Erich von Däniken’s theory of the emergence of intelligent life? Daniken suggested settling the land alien giants with elongated heads. But, apparently, even the gods are not immune from the devastating impacts of space.

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