Gate of the Gods – a portal to another world?

14 Mar

The discoveries of researchers are not always bringing money. Sometimes they give values that can not be expressed in monetary terms. It can be fully attributed to those found in the 1996 “Gates of the Gods”, which can completely reverse all of the representations of the modern world. They can prove that life on earth – just a small piece of human existence.” The Gate of the Gods”, as they have long called the elders of Peru, is located 35 kilometers from the city of Puno in Peru. In fact, they are carved into the rock door to enormous size, its height is two meters, a width of seven meters. In the center of the door – a round hole, which serves as something of a keyhole.Earlier, before the discovery of the structure, flying at this locality pilots, often noticed the strange structure of the rocks. And after the “Gate of the Gods” were able to detect, it became known that a mysterious place has its own secret servants.
They told investigators many wonderful legends.They reported that Gates – is the property of the Inca civilization. In ancient times they used the most talented of the characters to go “by the Gods” in the best of worlds. And the characters really left. Many of them have disappeared forever, but some came back, having knowledge that is inaccessible to mere mortals.The researchers also learned the history of one of the priests Arami, former curator of “Key of the seven gods of the valleys.” The key was a brilliant disc of metal, which fit to the hole in the gate. During the invasion of the conquistadors, the aliens in the lands of the Indians made a terrible and senseless slaughter. They looted many sacred relics. Arami gathered in his village all the survivors. Together with him they went to the Gate, and disappeared.Scientists have found mention of the “Gate of the gods” in the legends of the ancient Maya. But this is only a legend. Much more interesting results obtained during the current research. The largest contribution was made by a scientist Qatar Mamani, who first discovered the stone door.Qatar has held a series of experiments using the most sophisticated instruments. After them came to the conclusion that the “Gates of the Gods” in the first place, the anomalous zone. And, secondly, it is really the entrance to other worlds.In his studies, Mamani device applied to register the beta, alpha-and gamma-radiation. It is also used film and photographic equipment, electronic thermometers, and photometers. We can say that for the research he had an entire research laboratory. The results were fantastic. Near the “Gate of the Gods” was a set of objects with an otherworldly origin.On film and electronic media, these objects appear in the form of fiery disks, balls, and plasmoids of different densities and colors. But the main thing was not the case. Qatar failed to establish that these objects are beyond our reality, and moreover they are … think. And it is not just thinking, they show emotions.Reporter from Germany B. Beyu able to interview from Qatar, where the scientist said that he was now fully convinced that there are totally different life forms. He said the research results enable us to obtain a completely new picture of the world where people are not their masters. Our habitat and life activities are fully controlled by these beings, they are constantly interfering with our being, changing it in accordance with the tasks that we do not even suspect.Striking fact that not only the measuring instruments can capture surreal objects near the “Gate of the Gods.” Mamani was able to see them with my own eyes. According to him, immediately after the arrival of a mysterious rock the air thickened and became impassable. Gates began to appear before the fiery flakes and balls, which began to move and fight on the rocks. From these strikes the stone walls were covered with soot. Then they began to appear a strange shimmering drops of liquid.
Academic barely managed to get through the thick air and touch these droplets, and felt with electric shocks. Later, in front of his eyes appeared crystal blue objects. Then they take the form that the scientist could not even imagine.Even more interesting effects of essential facilities appeared in the dark. Near the “Gate of the Gods” started this festival. Flying balls, glow shone and the air is constantly heard the noise from the electric charges of UFOs. And then there was a huge Gate old man’s face. Lantern, which was used to illuminate the camp of researchers flew to strengthen. He was glowing white hot …At the moment, Mamani continues the study of “the Gate of the gods.” Along with them for target clock watching a group of American scientists. But they do not rush to publish the results. It seems, believe that mankind has done to learn the truth about the world …

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