Embodied the perfection of the battle

14 Mar

The Zaporizhzhya Sich who fought in the Cossacks-characterniki seen, above all, a dangerous enemy that has supernatural powers. As an indisputable fact recorded in the documents of their ability to overcome any obstacles. Whether by air, or under the earth, whether through the walls, they managed to pass unnoticed in the right place, and no guards were unable to prevent them. The most ingenious device fortifications lost their protective properties, becoming a convenient way of penetration.
With the same ease characterniki conquered space. Hundreds of kilometers on foot, crossed a couple of days. And all this without the slightest sign of fatigue! All of a sudden turned out to unsuspecting opponent – and rushed into battle.
That’s when the enemies started the worst …
In the melee characterniki cost hundreds of ordinary swordsman. Each blow was deadly, and looked like a weapon of mass destruction. Everything happened in epic standards, “Where will wave – there will be a street, just brush it aside – alley.”
Not only that – characterniki for the enemy were almost invulnerable. They are not chopped and saber, and cannon-ball side passes, and the bullets … They do something inexplicable happened. If the enemy is attacking Cossacks met a volley from pistoles, the trapped characterniki poured into it in a handful of bullets and threw them into the enemy. Those in whom he found himself, died in great agony, and a Cossack continued to fight, as if nothing had happened.
Polish army orders were instructed to direct the text before the battle with the “haidamaks” sanctify the bullet in the church, sprinkling them with holy water and serving as a special prayer service. Unfortunately, data on the effectiveness of such non-lethal weapons have been preserved.
Enemies of the Cossacks, with experience in direct battle with them, examined the methods and the ability characterniki as a system of fighting techniques. It was assumed likely that if we are lucky in some way to ferret out military secrets, then it will be possible technologically to master these techniques, to introduce a special course of his army, and educate the young fighter’s own characterniki. Let tricks associated with evil spirits, sorcery, it is not important: only need to solve and learn. Because in the Cossack camp ever Rogues were sent, were mercilessly tortured prisoners – all to no avail. The secret remained hidden.
The warrior-sorcerer
In countries more distant from the Sich, the characterniki watched a slightly different angle: a preferential attention to arcane aspect. For them characterniki primarily a sorcerer, sorcerer, magician. However, the Cossacks themselves had the same opinion.
First of all, there was the ability to heal miraculously suffering. Cost to business to take characterniki – delayed wound quickly, the pain disappeared, the Cossack returned to duty. Treated not only injured, but ill: the imposition of hands, whispering, decoctions of herbs, look. Characterniki clearly mastered techniques of hypnosis. Each of them was able to send the enemy, “wraith,” “nonsense,” and even a dream to direct. Everyone could “encourage” the villagers to the state of berserkers.
Some legends describe a situation where characterniki “sees” what is happening over the horizon. Do not guess, does not imply, but simply sees. And in some detail. Curiously, this skill in the texts just mentioned, it is not assessed as magic: Well, they say, he sees so common, no miracles. Quite different texts tell about the ability to predict the weather characterniki not known to each Cossack signs, and the stars. Modern scholars see this as evidence of knowledge characterniki practical astrology. In some songs there are hints of characterniki ability to not only predict but also to influence the weather, making it more suitable for the upcoming battle. For example, to cause rain to hassle with the Tatar cavalry to the enemy foot stuck in the mud.With the elements characterniki were short-circuited. They always knew where the steppe is easy to get to the water, able to walk on fire, the sea, like a dry land on, and wander for hours in deep water. Crossing the broad river, it seemed, was the favorite way of rest from the daily hardships. Characterniki rasstelival just over the water his cloak, arranged her back, took out hoarded bandura and played music, singing, “Daisy”, while the flow bore it to the right place. Zaporozhye is still a mysterious country for us, uncharted, unrevealed. And over the past half-century efforts of politicians and historians, fans of “darkness hides” has become almost impenetrable. We do not know what has helped the Cossacks – inhabitants of the steppe illiterate backwater – with incredible ease take the impregnable fortress, well-trained army to win numerous enemies. Perhaps this contributed to the efforts of characterniki, perhaps decisive role played by very different forces. Today it is fashionable to say that all the Zaporizhzhya Sich was characterniki brotherhood. However, the extant sources, songs, legends, tales suggest that these warrior-wizards were not enough, they fought, usually alone, and in the group collected only in exceptional cases. For the Cossacks, as well as for the rest of the Cossacks, Orthodoxy was very strong factor. Fought for the faith. But not Orthodox characterniki. The Church proclaimed their sorcerers, ghouls, people of other religions. They are not allowed burial in the cemeteries. In the dead man’s chest hammered aspen stake and laid face down, so that sunlight could not have even a chance to highlight godless eyes. Graves characterniki disposal in the form of mounds, and away from the settlements and the cemeteries. According to legend, five years have not buried the most famous characterniki – Ivan Sirko, who for 12 years was ataman, participated in 55 battles and has not suffered a single defeat. Going to war, the Cossacks took with them his body to his bodily presence, he helped them win. Then he carried only his right hand. Then the skull was sent to Moscow … If someone deliberately destroyed the memory of characterniki, carefully overwritten is barely visible traces of their heroism. Most of the territory on which stayed secheviki, Kakhovskii flooded by sea. We do not even know where did characterniki. Some people believe that they gave rise to Sich. Others insist that they – the descendants of combat units of the Magi Perun. Still others are looking for their homeland in Asia, among the assassins. Fourth announce the Druids and their followers. Fifth believe that characterniki – great-grandchildren of the ancient Aryans, reinforcing the opinion that the name of their associated not with the Greek “character” (carving, stamp), and with the name of the once mighty Aryan Warriors – “Maharat” spiritual energy capable fed Vedic mantras .

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