Dengue virus is a mosquito makes sverhohotnika

mosquitoDengue virus is so affects the feeding behavior of mosquitoes, that he tends to infect them as many as possible. Each year, dengue ill from 50 to 100 million people. About 2.5 billion live in areas endemic for viral fever: Africa, Southeast Asia, Oceania, etc. it is a vector mosquito Aedes aegypti when he drinks the blood, the virus enters the bloodstream of man. Researchers from Johns Hopkins University (USA) found: virus carries “tuning” a mosquito, that he sought a more efficient new victim. The virus penetrates into the various organs of the insect, including the salivary glands and antennae. After the antenna can affect the severity of mosquito olfaction, and in the salivary glands – to control the actual process of nutrition.

From an article by scientists, published on PLoS Pathogens, that modifies the activity of dengue entire 147 mosquito genes that are involved in the management of the immune system and eating behavior. For example, the virus disables the two genes associated with smell, causing mosquito longer looking for a place where you can drink the blood, resulting in less time on one person. That is not quite well-fed flies – and so will seek a new victim. The result is obvious the most affected.

Simultaneously, the virus makes its existence more comfortable in the mosquito, “negotiating” with insect immunity, and changes the behavior of the mosquito, turning it into an aggressive, voracious hunter. This is not the first time that the parasite controls the host (think mushrooms zombifikatory genus Cordyceps, or toxoplasmosis, which directs the rodent into the jaws of predators), but it would be interesting to see whether other viruses affect the behavior of bloodsuckers-carriers. The fact that the mosquito which conducted the study, serves as a vehicle for a set of viral pathogens, and among them there are those who can give a head start, even pernicious dengue.

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