Control through fear

30 Mar

The tricks of the enemy, you can create an effective protection and provide a resistance to it. It’s no secret that modern war – the information war. It is through the information we hold weapons in slavery, those who are called “world government”, “Committee of three hundred”, and other smaller governing organization. And one of the major and most popular tools slave owners – it is fear.

If a man lives in harmony with itself and with the outside world, in its natural rhythm – he did not need the lord, dictating his will. Such a man is free, and he makes the decisions in their lives. Try it, go to that person and say, “Come on, I’ll manage you,” – he is unlikely to agree. Therefore, any power structure needed to substantiate and justify its existence, and to do so guile. And they do it – through fear. They approach the person and say, “You know how scared to live in peace? Look – everywhere violence, lies, cruelty. But if you agree to make me their governor, I will protect you from it. ”

In fact, the government is selling us our own fear, which she herself creates.

Otherwise it just would be worthless. In exchange, they take away our freedom, our independence. And a man willing to share with them these precious qualities of his life, was relieved to transfer the responsibility for government decisions, because scared.
That’s how you can simply describe the mechanism of control. It manifests itself in thousands of different options that need to be able to recognize. Here are a few examples. One of the most ancient fears, harness the power – the fear of God. And scared as God’s punishment for life, and eternal torment in hell after death. This brings to mind in contrast to all artificially created religions (Christian, Muslim, etc.), age-old Slavic-Aryan Faith, where the gods loved and revered as their relatives. Another common fear – the fear of war, external threat. During Soviet times the entire Western world terrified of their government “red danger”. In the USSR, in turn, talked about the nuclear warheads of decaying capitalism, and the need to unite and equip. Now the danger is considered by many developed countries, comes from Arab countries. So the government came up with terrorism, which was a very effective means of intimidation. Although, any sensible person understands that terrorism is one cause of death is far from the top ranks.

The fear of disease medical industry makes a lot of money, although, again, according to statistics of humanity has not become sick less, despite the resounding success of medical science. Yes and the benefit of many expensive drugs is questionable. One of the most recent examples – the fear of swine flu, which the manufacturers are going to make profits.

Many fears are smaller at the household level. The police justified their existence by the fact that there are bandits, manufacturers of computer antivirus – what is hackers, lawyers – that is an offense, etc. – the list is endless.

In our society there is a special industry, making money purely on terror, and while producing no useful product. That is, in fact, disease in the community. This is – insurance, even in the name of which is manifested the essence of this business. The Art of the insurance agent is precisely to scare people as much as possible. That he believed that if he did not buy insurance, it is instantly thrown down all imaginable and unimaginable misery. Business is very profitable, and is actively imposed by the state. From the many types of insurance is difficult or impossible to refuse. This is the notorious compulsory Motor Third, and accident insurance, included in the price of train tickets and the aircraft, etc. Financial turnover of the insurance is often greatly exceed the budgets of enterprises producing a real product.

With the help of fear and fight against dissent. Try to express an opinion or evil ruler to resist conventional pillar – at least you immediately accuse crazy and make an outcast of society. And who is not afraid of people? As we have a very strong fear of rejection neighbors, it is important to the opinion and approval of others. Of course, this fear into all operated manipulators to keep us in check.

It must be said that the original human mentality in modern society from the earliest years of his life is formed in such a way that it was vulnerable to terror. He gets a mosaic, not linked to a picture of the world with huge gaps. He was no one talks about such things as the meaning of life and destiny. He was grounded in wealth and pleasure, which he fears to lose. Already in the beginning of his school bully poor grades, the opportunity to stay in the second year and not enrolled. Later, the employer is a person afraid of fines and dismissal. In our picture of the world are artificially created holes, artfully using which you can intimidate people fear the unknown, etc.
Active role in spreading fear in the community media play. Just look on the TV criminal summary that was scared to walk the streets. Widely through the media to spin global fears – terrorism, swine flu, etc.
Continuing the cycle, we are very quickly learns to manipulate loved ones through fear. The child tells his parents: “This will leave the house!” My wife tells her husband: “This divorce you, will you run after me!” Many of the relationships within the family, the community did not line up on freedom and cooperation, and the fear and dependency.

Many people spend years and years of living under the yoke of many fears – both their own and imposed. They live unfortunately, but they can change their lives, because they are afraid of change.

Fear has many faces – will deal only with one of its manifestations, he immediately comes up more. Therefore, in order to escape from subjection to fear, you must have the power to change yourself. First and foremost, you need to find the quality of sobriety or sanity. Of course, in this short article does not give a complete recipe for “how to become a stronger person.” But we can say that one of the key points in this direction is to learn to trust their own experience. As a first step is to give yourself time to rethink, rethink his life and gained experience before. This approach is in itself eliminates many of illusory fears and misconceptions. Then you need to learn to take responsibility, including the deliberately planned new acquired experiences, and build their lives strategically. If a person embarks on this path, and life itself will provide the necessary clues – she is interested in development.

From fear can not be eliminated completely, but you can put it into place. You must be able to say to his fear: “Thank you for having warned me of danger. I uchtu is the analysis of the situation. But the decision will take me, not you. ” Nor should we rush to extremes and go for the risk of rash – just to prove to themselves or others his imaginary courage.

Thus, consciously working with the fear and experience a person can slowly but surely change their perception. And at one point he was surprised to be found, that in his view of the world is something subtly changed. He has new priorities and values. He focused not on material things and the spiritual. Most of his fears vanished in the clear light of newfound sobriety. Trusting yourself and relying on his own experience, he clearly knows what is good and bad. He does not need the approval of others, as aware of what does and why. And most importantly – he and no one else, began to run their lives.

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