Apocalypse comes from outer space

31 Mar

ApocalypseThe gigantic cloud stretching 16 million kilometers, the observatory was discovered by NASA in 2007 and to today’s time of it, once forgotten, and because of the scientists, this cloud belongs to the category of “acid mist” and they predicted the possible destruction of the Earth by 2014. Astrophysics , suggested that the acid cloud of dust arose from the black hole at the center of our galaxy is moving at great speed toward the planet destroying comets, asteroids, planets and stars. In this regard, the famous physicist Stephen Hawking was forced to revise his theory of black holes . First it was thought that no object can get out of a strong gravitational field of a black hole. Subsequently, however, the scientist concluded that information about objects that fall in the hole space, can be radiated back into the transformed state. This changes the nature of the object, which in turn converts any information about the subject, he has encountered along the way.

And when the cloud reaches the Earth, the effect of its impact on our planet would be akin to a shed on a sheet of paper water corrodes handwritten ink text.
According to scientists, when the cloud reaches the Earth , our galaxy is reduced to its former size, ie to the original state of birth of the universe.
Scientists had already in 2007, talked about the possibility of saving part of the world’s population, running the space ark in the Andromeda galaxy , which is located at a distance of 2.1 million light-years from Earth.

Why is it since that time no more information about the trajectory of movement of “chaos cloud”? Indeed, judging from the number of comets crashing into the sun in 2011 and in 2012, all of which came from one direction, as well as the number of meteors, meteorites, fireballs and other visitors from outer space lock-in recent years in large quantities, it can be assumed that the acid cloud continues its path of previous scholars Calculated trajectory – in the direction of our galaxy and the mean in the direction of the Earth.

And now let us turn to the works of Professor Nicholas Boyle, who teaches German history at Cambridge, and in his spare time involved in the gloomy predictions of the future. His theory is based on the historical parallels with which he came to the date of 2014 – ” great event “in its formulation. The idea of Boyle is that at the beginning of each century is one such event which determines the course of history for a hundred years.

We now turn to NASA’s information on a huge black hole, the murderer of the planets:

Back in late March 2011 with the help of ISS equipment was registered an unexpected burst of gamma-and X-ray emission in the center of the galaxy at a distance of 3.9 billion light-years from Earth in the constellation Draco. Flashing was named Swift J1644 +57 and started monitoring them.

Based on the analysis of the data, scientists have concluded that the bursts of radiation – it is a kind of “dying convulsions of the” stars, which is a powerful force of gravity pulls the black hole. The star of the hit in the hole strong gravitational field, and she just tore it apart.

The uniqueness of the opening in the fact that the public has been presented for the first time the so-called relativistic jet – elongated clusters in space matters, which arose as a result of the impact of this black hole.

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics clarified that the flow of material left over from the star after its absorption of the star is moving at a rate of 99.5% of the speed of light.

Swallowing the star, the hole has become even more, say scientists. Perhaps it will become one of the super massive black holes, which contain up to a billion solar masses. For comparison, the mass of the Earth 333 times less than one thousand solar masses.

As a result, we obtain the following: The side of our galaxy at the speed of light sweeps “chaos cloud” on the road by absorbing and destroying the planet. Reaches the Earth the cosmic apocalypse in 2014.

Make sure that the acid cloud not gone anywhere, you can now through Google Sky here . So that even if we survive the end times predicted by the Mayan Indians, we are still waiting for 2014 when the space itself and the processes occurring in it can erase the planet earth, like an eraser erases unnecessary word from school notebook …

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