A piece of titanium of unknown origin

20 Mar

titaniumFound near Novosibirsk fragment of unknown origin tested for radiation, the radiation background is normal, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, Head of Civil Defense and Emergencies of the Kuibyshev region Valery Vasiliev. Some media reported that a special commission reportedly found that the fragment was found is part of the fuel tank ballistic missile, launched in late December to Kamchatka. The media has also appeared on the version of that chip can be part of a fallen satellite “Meridian”. However, the spokesperson of the Russian Federal Space Agency told RIA Novosti that, according to preliminary estimates, the object found is not related to space technology . “The final conclusion can be made after a detailed study of the subject matter experts” – said. According to Vasiliev, a fragment of about 1.1 meters long, found near the village of Otradinskoe on Sunday by local residents. “They went to harvest firewood and came across this” – he said. In place of the departed on Monday, a team of search and rescue team. They checked the background radiation. “Everything is normal” – a spokesman said, adding that the piece was delivered to the Department of the Interior Ministry.

Vasilyev said the piece probably made out of titanium.
Head of Civil Defense and Emergencies of the Kuibyshev district also said that in the 1950s and 1960s, in the western part of the area, people often find debris, presumably from the spacecraft launched from the “Baikonur”. “We have nothing for a long time we did not find” – he said. In December 2011 the launch of dual-use satellite “Meridian” from the Plesetsk cosmodrome failed. As a result of failure of the engine third stage rocket “Soyuz-2” spacecraft did not go into orbit, and its pieces fell into Siberia. 17 fragments were found in Orda region of Novosibirsk Region, one of them fell to the private house in the village Vagaytsevo, breaking through the roof.

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