Dengue virus is a mosquito makes sverhohotnika

mosquitoDengue virus is so affects the feeding behavior of mosquitoes, that he tends to infect them as many as possible. Each year, dengue ill from 50 to 100 million people. About 2.5 billion live in areas endemic for viral fever: Africa, Southeast Asia, Oceania, etc. it is a vector mosquito Aedes aegypti when he drinks the blood, the virus enters the bloodstream of man. Researchers from Johns Hopkins University (USA) found: virus carries “tuning” a mosquito, that he sought a more efficient new victim. The virus penetrates into the various organs of the insect, including the salivary glands and antennae. After the antenna can affect the severity of mosquito olfaction, and in the salivary glands – to control the actual process of nutrition.
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Apocalypse comes from outer space

ApocalypseThe gigantic cloud stretching 16 million kilometers, the observatory was discovered by NASA in 2007 and to today’s time of it, once forgotten, and because of the scientists, this cloud belongs to the category of “acid mist” and they predicted the possible destruction of the Earth by 2014. Astrophysics , suggested that the acid cloud of dust arose from the black hole at the center of our galaxy is moving at great speed toward the planet destroying comets, asteroids, planets and stars. In this regard, the famous physicist Stephen Hawking was forced to revise his theory of black holes . First it was thought that no object can get out of a strong gravitational field of a black hole. Subsequently, however, the scientist concluded that information about objects that fall in the hole space, can be radiated back into the transformed state. This changes the nature of the object, which in turn converts any information about the subject, he has encountered along the way.
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Azerbaijan has found the palace of the Achaemenid Empire

EmpireDiscovered the great palace of the Achaemenid Empire – the largest outside Iran, said c-Ait Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan with reference to the magazine “Science and Life.” In the large hall, opposite the entrance to the palace, found the place the throne – he was discovered in 2006 by the rise in the central part of the building. (The first place throne in the palace of the Achaemenid Empire in Pasargadae in Iran, found in the 1960s, the British team of archaeologists led by D. Stronaha). From the main entrance to the palace in the village Garadzhamerli formed by porticos and columns (propylene), was found extending to the north and south exterior wall. During the excavation of the palace found ceramic vessels, glass bowls and some ceramic sink for water (drainage). Portions of plum found two signs may be written in the language of international communication of the time – Aramaic. Archaeologists are now waiting for the finds of written sources – the cuneiform inscriptions on the pillars. Perhaps the signs are in three languages: Old Persian, Akkadian, Elamite. It is also possible that there may be archives of clay tablets. Continue reading “Azerbaijan has found the palace of the Achaemenid Empire”

The annual maximum ice in the Arctic

ice U.S. National Center 31/03/2012, a leading monitor of snow and ice, said that March 18 has been reached the annual maximum ice cover in the Arctic -15.24 million square meters. miles.
This value is 617 thousand square meters. km less than the average of many years, but much more than in 2011, when it was installed historic low (14.64 sq. km.). The peculiarity of the season was that it happened 12 days later than usual period.
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The discovery of a new state of matter

matterScientists at the University of California at San Diego (USA) found specimens of a new state of matter, which they call a coherent exciton gas. The study of its properties can significantly move us towards the exciton electronics. In a paper published March 29 in the journal Nature , scientists describe the emergence of “spontaneous coherence”, “spin texture” and “phase singularity” at the time when the excitons – a quasiparticle consisting of a bound pair of electrons and holes, and determining the special properties of semiconductors – cool almost to absolute zero (0.1 K). This is a coherent state of matter they believe hitherto unexplored, new-found. Continue reading “The discovery of a new state of matter”

Control through fear

The tricks of the enemy, you can create an effective protection and provide a resistance to it. It’s no secret that modern war – the information war. It is through the information we hold weapons in slavery, those who are called “world government”, “Committee of three hundred”, and other smaller governing organization. And one of the major and most popular tools slave owners – it is fear. Continue reading “Control through fear”

Pyramids in the world

pyramidsThe planet in those times three moons shone. Yes, it was three. The smallest and the closest was the period of revolution around the Earth just 7 days. It was called Lola. Second, the average size, had a period of 13 days and called Fatta (Fatta – Phaeton. Legend of Phaethon has reached us in the presentation of one of the earliest and most famous poets of antiquity, and mifografov – Hesiod (VIII cent. BC) as part of his poem “Theogony”). $ CUT $ Big Moon was called a month. (Month – and to this day because the moon is called in Ukraine). Its orbital period was 29.5 days. Continue reading “Pyramids in the world”

Sunspot group 1429: the second coming is coming!

Sunspot A group of sunspots in 1429, which in the past, the back of the Sun was very active in area 7 times greater than the area of the disk of the Earth and brought a series of bright geomagnetic events? In the middle of the month she went behind the western limb, but not dissolved in the crown, and continued to work actively.
SOHO solar observatory has recorded March 26 of its area once a powerful burst of energy. Later this fact was confirmed by solar observatory STEREO-B, and Spitzer, who stood nearly in the orbit, when faced with a shock wave. The land was not “in the firing line. Continue reading “Sunspot group 1429: the second coming is coming!”

Mysterious Amber Room

RoomThe Amber Room is a masterpiece of jewelry. As we know, Amber – is a frozen pitch pine trees. Even ancient people in the Stone Age were made of amber figurines, jewelry and used it as a payment equivalent to that prized very highly and was equal to gold, bronze and copper. The walls of the Amber Room made in the form of strips, collected from the plates of amber, amazing colors and ornaments, presented in the form of monograms, coats of arms and carved garlands. Continue reading “Mysterious Amber Room”

The mysterious ancient land

mysterious landScientist-zoologist Englishman Slater many years spent on a thorough study of the fauna of Africa and Asia. Plunged headlong into the job, giving her all the time and effort, he drew attention to the similarity of many of our younger brothers who lived in these two far distant continent.
Particular attention was attracted by the small primates – lemurs, who did not differ from each other, both in Africa and the Indian subcontinent. It is in these days, these funny little animals are almost always cut off and left only in the Comoros and Madagascar, in the XIX century, however, at the time of Slater’s, they feel safe and comfortable both in India and Africa, and Southeast Asia, and Australia. Continue reading “The mysterious ancient land”