Control through fear

The tricks of the enemy, you can create an effective protection and provide a resistance to it. It’s no secret that modern war – the information war. It is through the information we hold weapons in slavery, those who are called “world government”, “Committee of three hundred”, and other smaller governing organization. And one of… Read more Control through fear

Mysterious Amber Room

The Amber Room is a masterpiece of jewelry. As we know, Amber – is a frozen pitch pine trees. Even ancient people in the Stone Age were made of amber figurines, jewelry and used it as a payment equivalent to that prized very highly and was equal to gold, bronze and copper. The walls of… Read more Mysterious Amber Room

The mysterious ancient land

Scientist-zoologist Englishman Slater many years spent on a thorough study of the fauna of Africa and Asia. Plunged headlong into the job, giving her all the time and effort, he drew attention to the similarity of many of our younger brothers who lived in these two far distant continent. Particular attention was attracted by the… Read more The mysterious ancient land