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08 Feb

A rainbow appears, you need to remember high-school physics, specifically the section – optics. Now go specifically to the question of why a rainbow appears. First, know what is light. Light is electromagnetic radiation perceived by the human eye. From physics we know that the wavelength of the radiation is very small, it is in the range: 0.38 – 0.77 microns. From this we can conclude that the length of the waves is not a constant number, it happens because the light is different and has different wavelengths. Color can be not only white, but color, which is why a rainbow appears. Next, let us remember the lessons of physics, what is the spectrum. And this kind of rainbow, composed of a set of colored light. To it was formed, it is necessary to skip the white light through a glass prism. As is well known indicator of a hall of matter increases with the oscillation frequency of the light wave.In this case, if a beam of white light of a “mixed” light waves with different frequency vibrations to pass through a glass prism, then the light rays with a higher frequency vibrations are moving away from its initial direction at a greater angle than the rays of the lower-frequency vibrations. So there is a rainbow. Let’s see how and why?
As a result of this procedure with the white beam is obtained by the color set, which has seven colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. First, why a rainbow appears Newton proved, to prove he only missed through the prism of sunlight and this has colored bar – a rainbow.
Now, specifically about the rainbow. Why is there a rainbow? At first, it always appears just after a rain. And a rainbow sparkles not after, and during rain, when the summer storm comes to an end, this means that the rain clouds away just blown away.
Rainbow appears when the rain goes away in the direction of the sun. This is because the droplets split sunlight white light, and they have a small prisms, projecting these bright colored rays in the sky.
That’s why a rainbow appears, nothing complicated. This is the whole secret of this beautiful natural phenomenon like a rainbow. During a thunderstorm, rain dot the sky small droplets, prisms, and the sunlight passing through them, is split into a spectrum, then there is a rainbow. As a consequence, we can observe in the sky a wonderful picture – a large seven-color rainbow!

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