Why do vampires live long?

09 Feb

A startling discovery. It turns out that all (well, almost everything) that we saw about vampires in Hollywood films – the truth. Scientists from Stanford University concluded that the one who is constantly updating their blood by a stranger can live a very long time.Blood cells of another organism still able to restore old organs.
However, it happens only if the old juices feed the young.These conclusions were reached after numerous experiments in mice. Scientists have sensational results, making the transfusion of blood from young to old individuals. The most beneficial way to influence young blood to the muscles. After the sessions, blood transfusions are better and faster healing are restored (if previously had been damaged). Rejuvenate the blood cells and liver. The effect of transfusions on other bodies of data have been reported yet. Scientists say that by itself “fresh blood” is not an elixir of youth, but do not doubt that in the foreseeable future, new research will help develop best practices for rapid healing of wounds in the elderly.
Says the head of the research team from Stanford neurologist Thomas Rando, has long been a mystery why the muscles of elderly people recovering bad: despite the fact that it received all the necessary components, the process was very slow. Now the answer is known: It’s all in the stem cells that are present, including, in the blood. The older the organism, the less it such cells.

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