Why did the Germans lost the war

20 Feb

“Vitamins for the” national body “of the German publication Der Spiegel.According to the then ideology, these vital substances discovered only recently, had to strengthen the national organism. It is believed that the Germans lost the war, including the fact that the population has been weakened by malnutrition, quoted by Heiko Stoff, historian of pharmacy of the University of Braunschweig. National Socialist regime from 1940, gave vitamins to selected groups of the population, especially infants, children, mothers, those engaged in heavy physical work, and the soldiers. When Heinrich Himmler, support any naturopathy, the SS in Dachau concentration camp, organized their own research project on vitamin C. The questions mainly focused on how much vitamin is necessary for the person, what foods contain the most vitamin and how it is replaced. In the late thirties for this drew attention to the little used native plants such as wild rose.
Shortly after the outbreak of war was organized by the processing of wild rose. Women were supposed to collect the fruits that are rich in vitamins, whenever possible, and make them jam. Later, as a source of vitamin buckthorn berries have been used, walnuts and fir needles. SS organized the project, in which vitamin C was removed even from the gladioli. Numerous tweaks, obviously, have to act: the Ministry of Health in the midst of war, in 1942, noted with satisfaction that, thanks to food additives and active ingredients of health and performance of the German people did not decrease. Back in 1944 the Wehrmacht ordered 200 tons of vitamin C, 65 of them – a pharmaceutical concern Roche of neutral Switzerland. This writes the historian of the Swiss Beat Behi in his book “Vitamin C for all.” Even Roche, the first company that started the production of synthetic vitamin C, initially doubted whether he needed someone. In an internal circular, the company said that “you must first create a need” for vitamins. Vitamin C regularly only in the case “to make a couple of tricks.” Of Roche was lucky: in Germany the Nazis were in power, and they bought it for these tricks.

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