Tie Guan Yin – Tea miracle of nature

24 Feb

natureTea ceremony and completely incompetent in the grades of green tea, we relied on our Chinese women, who have kindly agreed to make a choice for us .. And after the serene tea ceremony brought us the famous tea from the south of Fujian province. The girls were told that this tea is kind of like varieties of Oolong. Tea was like an intense infusion of color with iridescent gold finish, intense floral and honey aromas. This tea is ideal for lovers of the saturated density, strong tea. The Chinese say about him: “Tea can intoxicate his sobriety.” The composition of “Guan Yin” includes more than 400 valuable to the human body of minerals, vitamins and trace elements. This tea can improve the complexion, improve the elasticity of the skin, rejuvenates and revitalizes the internal organs of a man is composed of many substances that absorb fats and toxins. As a hand removes the tension and fatigue, helps to adjust to peace and contemplation. Before us was the sharp question:
where can this tea also buy the guan yin , Googled, we found a wonderful online store “Tea by Uncle Lee.” And our expectations of ourselves fully justified. But it is absolutely not enough to buy tea. You must be able to brew Chinese Tea Tie Guan Yin. Here’s the recipe. It is simple, but it is important to observe the entire phasing .. The first brew is poured and poured boiling water, despite the fact that the color of her incomparable, it is somewhat more intense green tea. 8 g of tea is enough for Kettle 1.5 liters of boiling water. As the number of zavarok need to increase the time actually making tea. The first three welding can hardly insist, then you must add up to 10 seconds by the time the process of brewing. Tea Tie Guan Yin, I would personally attributed to Oolong, although it is known that for kitayev Tie Guan Yin does not belong to any classes. He sort of, because it is unique, is extremely nice and very gentle taste.

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