The virus, “666”

11 Feb

Impossible to imagine modern society without a computer, but … recently there is growing concern that the computer of the person may become an assistant to his killer. And if before such concerns were considered more fiction writers of science fiction, but now they can become a terrible reality. We are talking about computer viruses – the creation of human hands, the creation that is able to destroy its creator.Unlike their counterparts tangible and intangible computer viruses are small-sized programs written by professional programmers. For these viruses, there are no borders and geographic distances. They are able to independently navigate a computer and modem networks, disguise, to multiply and cause irreparable harm, while remaining invisible to humans.
In the U.S., reported a case where a computer virus has become an indirect cause of infant death. Jokes for a specialist in computer technology came up with a new virus that has built it into the antivirus program and sent it to “walk” through electronic networks. The virus got into the computers of two children’s hospitals, where as a result, there have been failures in computer systems diagnosis. As a result, had been misdiagnosed.
But the virus can also be a direct killer, as happened in France.
The operator died right around the computer screen of a brain haemorrhage. At first glance – strain, an accident, but an investigation failed to establish that the cause of death is a computer virus with the ominous name of “666” (length corresponded to 666 bytes), created specifically to kill.
On the computer screen, as well as on film and television, images are changing at a constant 24 frames per second. According to experts, 666-D displays an 25th-scenes special color combination that changes the livelihoods of the observer. Subliminal perception of the changing patterns leads to a change of heart activity. Blood pressure in the pulmonary circulation is rapidly increasing, then drops sharply.
The load on the vessels of the brain increases, and, ultimately, they do not stand up.
No one yet knows how it was possible to pick up this devilish combination of colors. It is possible that it did not man. The fact that some experts believe that computer viruses are a form of life. Although they do not have their own metabolism, but it can parasitize on the infected computer to adapt to anti-virus programs and become immune to it and, moreover, self-evolving.
People have created a new form of life in his own image and likeness, destined, alas, only for destruction. It is possible that the 666-d appeared in the process of self-development of a hitherto unknown computer virus, or maybe it was written by a programmer crazy. The fact is that writing a virus, you must be a good specialist in programming. According to some experts, 666 th is almost the height of perfection. It is 666 bytes, is realized not only the system of human destruction, but the mechanism of rapid reproduction. If a virus enters a computer screen saver, so popular on television today, the consequences after the scroll can be scary.

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