The mystery of the Turin Shroud

18 Feb

ShroudThe mystery of one of the most important Christian shrines – the mysterious Shroud of Turin – care of people for many centuries. It is believed that this linen shroud of Jesus Christ was wrapped for burial, and the image of a man on the fabric – it is the imprint of his face and body. Shroud for many years studied by experts from around the world who still have not managed to draw firm conclusions. According to the newspaper “Life” recently to investigate the secrets of the origin of the Shroud and scientists joined the Institute of Criminology of the FSB of Russia. They conducted a series of unique experiments that allow to know the circumstances of the last days of life and death of Christ. Experts FSB deliberately moved away from religious interpretations of the shroud. They decided to explore it as a material witness to the crime scene – in the jargon this is called “material evidence”.
The work was led by Doctor of Technical Sciences Anatoly Fesenko, who has long headed the Institute of Criminology. He said the scientists had to complete the study: at the crossroads of chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology. “First, we found a possible age of the tissue, simulated aging process – said the expert. – And they came to the conclusion that American scientists, “rejuvenated” the shroud of more than half, were wrong. It is really not less than two thousand years. ” At the same time have been refuted earlier assumptions that the Shroud of Turin Jesus over a thousand years. In addition to proof of age shroud, criminologists succeeded by foot to explore the nature of the fabric of wounds received by Christ. Professionally speaking, the material under study retained the physical evidence of a victim of violence. “On a long linen cloth measuring 4.3 x 1.1 m has stood out slightly yellowish-brown imprint of the two projections of a naked man, front and rear. Analysis of fingerprints proves that the person depicted in it scourged with whips of Roman model that took five tails with fixed buttons on the ends of lead, “- said the experts who studied the shroud. According to the findings of scientists, wounds wrapped in the cloth man, exactly as described in the Bible correspond to the suffering of Christ. “On the right shoulder – a broad band, indicating bearing a heavy object, possibly a cross. The nasal bone is killed off by hitting the left side. On the left cheekbone is broken, so this aspect of edematous. The chin is clearly delineated, especially on the left. On the right spot on it from the blood or deep wounds. The face is asymmetrical. This man was suffering, so his face is not the same after the death of fallen “- reads the conclusion of criminologists. The grand work of experts allowed to shed some more light on the mystery of the shrine. The results of this study once again confirmed that the fabric is really depicted the suffering of the shroud of Christ.

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