The mysterious pyramids of Egypt

19 Feb

pyramidsThe conclusion that for the construction of ancient pyramids in Egypt not only used natural stones, but also material that is very similar to modern concrete. This was loudly announced to the world by American scientists from the University of Philadelphia, and French scientists (Institute for Space Studies). At the same time in the laboratory were able to reproduce this material: he has the mind of the concrete structure, but has a higher strength. Scientists believe that it is in the strength of this artificial material, and concluded the secret of strength and stability of many ancient buildings. Scientists have been produced by the analysis of materials that were used in the construction of the pyramids of Egypt, in particular, the pyramids of Cheops and Mycerinus. For the analyzes were used the latest techniques and equipment.
Scientists gave the conclusion of the stone does have a natural origin, but the upper ranks of the pyramids were constructed of plastic, made by ancient builders in the form of concrete blocks. Was determined and the composition of the ancient “concrete”: the material consists of a special kind of soda, obtained in a certain way from the waters of the Nile, palm ash and fine sand aggregate. Scientists believe that the material produced at the foot of the building, and then served in special containers at the top level of the pyramid, and there poured into molds made of wood. Belgian scientists at the University of Namur conducted experiments on the preparation of concrete mix according to ancient recipes. The experiments resulted in tremendous success – the resulting solidified mass of about 10 days and had the highest strength.

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