Scientists keep a secret discovery of the century

25 Feb

Scientists have finally managed to drill a prehistoric ice of Antarctica. On the drilling depth 3768 meters gone for thirty years. Such persistence is explained by the desire of researchers to get into the most mysterious subglacial Lake Vostok. One of the largest sources of fresh water on the planet was in complete isolation from the external environment over the past 20 million years. The study of samples of its water can help in predicting climate change, as well as in finding new forms of life. However, some foreign websites have published their version of events. For example, on a site called The Total Collapse (complete collapse), it was reported the discovery of Russian underwater cameras striking structures in the form of a gold swastika, with dimensions of about one hundred meters in width and height. For several decades there is a legend about the existence in the planet’s most southern point of the Nazi secret object. Moreover, rumors spread that Hitler survived and moved to Antarctica, taking with him a lot of archives and the treasures of the Third Reich. However, no documentary evidence on this issue did not exist.
The first who was able to reach the Pole of Inaccessibility in Antarctica, Nizhny Novgorod became a scientist Arkady Nikolaev. During the costly expedition, which took place in 1958, killing many people. The official aim was to study the cold continent, but the descendants of the researcher believe that there are actually looking for traces of the existence of Nazi bases. Several years ago, were published in the press quite a shocking revelation of a former Nazi, Olaf Weizs├Ącker, who allegedly personally visited the underground city of Hitler. According to a German, even before the Second World War, they were able to detect the ice with the oases of vegetation, the warm water springs and the ruins of ancient cities. Secret settlement was given the name New Swabia, and imported from Germany, scientists began to work there over the new weapons and aircraft. As conceived by Hitler Antarctica should be a place of new capital of the world, “the master race.” In 1941 the New Swabia were about 10,000 people. They were grown animals and plants, placed under the ground a few machine-building plants. And in 1945 sailed to Antarctica, about one hundred submarines loaded with people and relics. According to some sources, one of the submarines was Hitler, on the other, was delivered to his DNA for cloning. Also preserved documents that prove that Nazi scientists have developed an active flying saucers. Survived even the names of the developers of UFOs – the brothers Walter and Reimar Horten. Later, they fired on a plate of researchers in Antarctica, which tried to land on its shores. In 1947 an unknown air fleet managed to defeat the American expedition, and in 1973 there was the mysterious deaths of the famous team of Jacques Yves Cousteau. People for a long time trying to unravel the mysteries of the ice continent. And now – a sensation! In 2012, Russian scientists have been able to come close to unraveling the mysteries of the century home, drilled almost chetyrehkilometrovuyu the ice. But why? Is it just for the water samples from a dead lake, as reported by official sources? While still in the Russian media appear scientific articles, informal talk about the U.S. media that the January 30 Russian cameras have reached the surface of Lake Vostok and found at the bottom of a strange figure – a golden swastika with dimensions of about one hundred meters. It also reported that after the completion of the work was prepared scientific report on the state level. However, all information was strictly classified for the next 20 years. It should be noted that the media from around the world took this news with caution, it was called unconfirmed rumors, “the Nazi paranoia” of the Russian. Also, concerns were expressed about the fact that water, which is under great pressure, will start to gush forth, leading to a split in the ice and cause a catastrophe on a planetary scale. It is possible that a giant swastika is not a creation of the Nazis. She could stay with the times of ancient civilizations of the past. The swastika is one of the oldest symbols, used by different people. It is a sign of life, movement, prosperity and good luck wishes. It is also a character shrouded in mystery, Shambala – a country that could open the way to immortality and limitless power. Her whole life trying to find Adolf Hitler. According to some scholars, Shambhala is a center of the world in which there is a crystal or a substance, giving life to everything. In 2007, Sergei Shoigu, with the support of Putin, failed to initiate a project to search for the north gate of Shambhala in the Republic of Tuva. Located in the heart of Asia, in areas of maximum distance from the ocean, there is an ancient fortress Por-Bajin, labyrinths which look like a Buddhist mandala – a model of the universe. Until now, those places being excavated. In those places are planning to create a so-called Russian Shaolin Temple, where young people could engage in the study of philosophy, Tibetan medicine, horseback riding and martial arts.

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