The idea that living next to you a vampire? Look around carefully, because it may be one bloodsucker. For example, slightly paly, brought the guy in front of the apartment … A very charming head of your office. The idea is that a lot of years he was, but then why does he look young?… Read more Vampirism

Human cloning

Ethical and scientific problem of the late 20th and early 21st century, which consists in the possibility of the formation and growth of innovative human beings who not only externally but also at the genetic level, repeated or that the individual now or previously present – together with fully unprepared for this society.Speaking of cloning… Read more Human cloning

The vampire Lestat

It is difficult, perhaps, to name a single nation on the planet, in the history and mythology, which has been preserved stories and legends about vampires – rising from the ground dead, drinking human blood. With all my heart could laugh at all these superstitious remnants of the past if not for some very disturbing… Read more The vampire Lestat