On Mars- found the railway station

20 Feb

Discovered other planets Mars large enough to be visible to the transportation system – the railway station and moving on this very road cars. The objects are very similar to these man-made structures have been examined by Joseph Skipper resources Google Mars, which were lined with photographs of the big red planet that are made from the satellite. Railway – it shows excellent – sometimes interrupted for some reason – stretches about 950 miles to the famous crater Gale all. I would like to add that the immediate area of the crater, NASA’s plan in July-August 2012 landing of its newest rover Curiosity. What about “trailer” is not entirely clear, it is worth it or is moving – in fact a static photograph. And a series of videos and photos you can view online and if you do not have a desktop computer, it is quite simple and inexpensive you can buy a laptop in Mogilev , for example. Assure you that the price and quality here is quite comparable, and will please you

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