New information about the Voynich Manuscript

10 Feb

The University of Arizona (USA), headed by Greg Hodzhinsom radiocarbon dating carried out the so-called Voynich manuscript – one of the most mysterious monuments written in the history of mankind.It turned out that the parchment dates from the beginning of the XV century, it is the book may have been created on a century earlier than previously thought.The document is a collection of texts written in unknown characters in an unknown language. Some characters look like letters. There are words and sentences. They frame some intricate artwork, which you can find plants, astronomical maps and images of people, swimmers, probably the source of youth. In general, it seems that we are talking about alchemy.
The manuscript, now owned by Yale University Library (USA), was discovered in 1912 in a villa near Rome Mondragone antiques dealer Wilfried Voynich. He had to disassemble the box of books for sale by the Jesuits. The balance of the spouse’s life, “Gadfly,” dedicated to solving the mystery of the origin of the document and its explanation. Antiques died 18 years later, and receiving no answer to the plaguing of his questions.
Of course, the beginning of XV century, the only manufacturer of parchment. The book itself could be written later. Alas, the radiocarbon dating of the ink is not possible, because they contain only trace amounts of carbon. In addition, there is not technology for collecting samples of ink from the surface of the parchment. Finally, many species have their inorganic origin, that is, carbon-look at them is useless. Established only that the ink color palette corresponds to the Renaissance.

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