Mystery – skull hunters

07 Feb

We are accustomed to reports that the recent calm in the world of ogres live her days are in the wilds of Brazil, the Pacific Islands or New Guinea. Many people think that it is these areas on the Earth is always limited and the spread of cannibalism, but it is not so …Their cannibalistic tendencies savages explained quite simply. First, they said, the more enemies will be killed and eaten by someone in this life, the less they will be in the future life. It is clearly seen definite belief in the afterlife.Second, it was believed that eating the enemy soldiers become certain of its quality. If the enemy was a valiant warrior, the better, cannibals passed part of his strength and courage.Thirdly, the head of the enemy is vital for the initiation ceremony the boy into a man, without her presence he could not marry. Fourth, in some tribes it was customary to eat the corpse sentenced to death by tribesmen, their evil spirits could not harm the living. And ate the corpses of the dead old people, it was considered a manifestation of sympathy for the deceased … Cannibals believed that by doing so they shall inherit the best qualities of their dead relatives.

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