Mystery of our names..

23 Feb

MysteryMysterious and Inexplicable power of the name of the fate of people has noticed since ancient times. In Russia, for example, up to the 17th century, carefully concealed the true parents of the child’s name that was given to him by the sacrament of baptism. It was believed that the way it was possible to deceive the evil spirits and evil men .. In Turkey, Azerbaijan and the baby was given two names – one of these names were not significant, more real: the impact is the same as us, with the hope to protect the baby from evil men. Some nations give kids obviously a terrible name – Son of sluts, Wolf Tail, and so forth, trying to protect them from bad things. Customs hide his own name ethnographers and historians have seen almost all peoples and nations of our planet. The oldest were absolutely convinced that the fate of people, cities and even entire states are ordained by their names.With these ideas in their opinions, and current practices related to change names. Like the ancient, this practice involves a change in people’s lives. Here the meaning is that, upon marriage, the girl takes a name (name) of spouse. So do actors and writers, coming up with his alias, name change, taking the veil, or ecclesiastical dignity, or when entering into various secret societies. Speaking about the mysticism of the name, Mr. Nikonov, a professional in the field anthroponomical – the name of science, mentions in his book “The Name and society,” the story of the famous writer Jack London, in which a woman gives the names of his own sons in honor of the deceased brother, Samuel, whom she and loved these children, all four of them, one after the other dies. Ace observations are of interest, which analyzed more than three hundred contemporary detective and was found a clear link between the name and the fate of almost all the characters of these detectives. Psychiatrists from the U.S. studies were conducted, which resulted in found that people with obscure or weird names five times more susceptible to a variety of other psychological complexes – especially if it’s male names and their meanings play in this perspective, a tremendous role, as a boy named that causes ridicule, from early childhood on the defensive and forced to be constantly on guard, as a stretched string. And this condition creates very complex character traits. Specialists from the University of Georgia and San Diego found that teachers in different educational institutions regularly give the lowest mark of his disciples with certain names, is highly evaluated as students – with some other names. Girls with a few names not important enough to make a career of service, and business, but it can make a spectacular career in show business. English physician Trevor Weston has been proven that people whose names begin with the last 30% of the alphabet in three and a half times more prone to cardiovascular diseases. Summary: Before you call your son or daughter by a name, look through the literature or look for useful information on the Internet, since the names given to them, can change the life of your kids and make them deeply unhappy either insanely successful and happy …

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