Mystery-Medicine of the skull …

09 Feb

Condemning cannibalism among the savage tribes, we should not forget that in the Middle Ages in Europe, a human skull was considered an important part of many magical medicinal remedies. For example, in England, enjoyed great popularity elixir of “The Spirit of a human skull.” His skull was prepared from executed criminals … Pharmacists even entered into a special contract for the supply of necessary raw materials to the butchers … Interestingly, even the English King Charles II believed in the efficacy of this elixir, and applied for an alcohol infusion of bone disease of the skull shavings.Medieval magicians believed that the human skull is concentrated all his power, so use it as a necessary component for their drugs. Even in the XIX century in Ireland, many earn their living by digging graves and selling the skull healers. Special demand old skull with lichens on the surface. Shavings with such skulls were sold everywhere and in great demand as the population considered them a miraculous cure for many diseases.
How then do not recall a particular love for the human skulls of wild tribes of cannibals! Most likely, the magicians and medieval Europe, and the consumers of their “miracle” potion of skulls in the genetic memory remained distant memories of cannibalistic past.

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