Mysterious History-Joan of Arc at 10,000 …

29 Feb

10 thousand gold crowns bought by the British. Close to Christmas 1430 at the lock it in one of the towers of Rouen Castle, the residence of the King of England. We do not know, but it may be assumed that it must be here in captivity, she went through a lot of time in the memory of the circumstances of his capture. Cut off from the main force a small detachment at full speed rushed to the royal city of Compiegne. Suddenly, at the very muzzles of horses took off up the drawbridge. Treason. Whose hand is dealt a low blow that, by whose order or instigation? Until the end … She tasted and the depth of human baseness. 60 judges in cassocks – tribunal is fully accountable to the British invaders, – six months diligently preparing a Jesuit Joan of Arc to death.
They did not give her no rest day nor night, transferred directly questioning her in the chamber, threatened with a hot iron, but they fall away from the idea: for the soul of such a stamp of “torture does not give.” The British put before the tribunal task: to accuse Joan of Arc of heresy, to erect it on fire and, therefore, to announce the coronation of Charles VII the work of the devil. In other words, once again depriving the King of France, independence, again prostrate at her English flag. This was the last battle of Joan of Arc in France. The descendants know that she had won. She did not pull any “confessions.” She never said no bad word about his king – because the concept of “French King” and “French kingdom” were equal to it. What theological traps or the laying before her judges, she get out of them with honor. She could not break, then they decided to cheat. Joan was taken prisoner in the male, courtly dress – a woman wearing it from the standpoint of morality of the church was a sin. She was forced to wear women’s clothes, promising that in return will give a judgment of the Church. Joan had hoped that by doing so she breaks out of the hands of the British. But it was just a ruse. At night, the dress was kidnapped. Joan was immediately summoned for questioning; she had no choice but to once again put on male attire. So it was produced “proof” that it was “a witch … Evil … schismatic … idolatress … shamelessly refuses decorum that befit her sex … “(of sentence). A few days later it was built on the fire. The church sent … Joan of Arc burned at the stake in 1431, the church rehabilitate it in 1456, the church canonized her to likam Saints in 1920. We touched on so far only those twists and mysteries in her life that fed the old rumors and which feed on the latest fraud. They are usually linked. Joan of Arc was not tortured in prison, with iron, burned at the stake was not her, it all means, argue bastardisty that she was indeed a special royal blood. Charles VII knew Joan to the stake rather than erect another martyr, therefore, he could not worry about the fate of their savior, and all it means syurvivisty claim that the king did not betray his shepherdess. The Princess is, whether the shepherd – is not important, but if you burned at the stake was not her, not Joan of Arc, then to history miraculously appear to whitewash everything. And the kings. And the inquisitors. And the invaders. Which blissful harmony comes this piece of European history, despite the war, which became the destiny of whole nations, peoples, and generations!
Now the West louder voices: they say, do not be a Joan of Arc, she did not intervene in the natural course of historical processes, all the European and even global development would have proceeded differently. Says it is with great disappointment for Joan. She’s so confused medieval maps politicians that their modern counterparts still can not lay the patience. Oh yes, admit these new policies, of course, we all understand … Yes, of course, Joan of Arc – a national hero, the shrine, a symbol of … but if you take a sober look at the history, if we assume so …
Here they take and admit: but if it were not for Joan of Arc? As history would have been in France? Unable to withstand the siege, surrendered to the enemy Orleans or fell after the decisive battle. The British crossed the demarcation line would have on the Loire River and is easily attached to his possessions the entire French South. Shinonsky Dauphin, already deprived of parental blessing, never would have become Charles VII …

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