Mysterious crop circles

22 Feb

circlesSummer on grain and rape fields with enviable regularity appear very mysterious and unusual pictures – pictures of the crushed stalks of crops. Sometimes they are quite different: you can see photos and drawings of symmetrical and asymmetrical entirely composed of a geometric figure (often a circle), or of several repetitive elements. As one who creates them, and year? Attempt to give more or less intelligible and reasonable explanation of what is happening (or rather just expose the resourceful “creators paranormal” “) in his book” How to fill up the wheat of the night “gave the British scientist Matt Ridley. Together with his brother-in Texas, one night he tried to do something similar in a wheat field farmer’s friend. No special tools are not needed – only with a wooden stake and a long rope in a few hours they made a perfect circle (of course, some places had to work and feet).
And, according to scientists, go to the right place on the field, not crumpling on the road a few hundred ears, is not working. Two days after the incident the first victim – the farmer told the authorities about the mysterious circles in his field. But scientists are not appeased. The district appeared more and more new “message from above.” Technique “crushing heads” Matt gradually improved, used not only to the rope, and a small garden roller. The peak of enthusiasm for scientific figures such circles was in the 90s of last century. View was that such a huge number of laps a hoax can not be explained, and the figures were fairly complex – they supposedly could not do so all night. In addition, the circles appear in fields, followed by a very carefully conducted follow-up (of course!). In the study of this phenomenon even now give money, besides a lot of – an average of one expert allocated up to 2000 dollars for a single expedition to the scene. The new findings and hypotheses of interest to this puzzle is gradually heated. With absolute certainty say that it is happening on the fields at night is impossible, but still something tells me that the culprits should be considered students lounging, but not aliens …

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