Mass extinction of all life on planet Earth

14 Feb

EarthThe Earth has entered into another period of extinction of the biosphere, which resulted in thousands of species disappear, President of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Ashok Khosla. “We are witnessing the 6th mass extinction, which takes place on the planet Earth from the moment of her life. Last – the fifth – led to the extinction of the dinosaurs, “- said Khosla in a meeting with reporters in Moscow. In particular, the human race be without risk of fishery resources by 2050. Every day the world is cut down and burnt about 50 hectares of forests every day about 20 thousand hectares of farmland turning into desert, and broken by ravines. Every day in the atmosphere 60 million tons of carbon dioxide, which is reflected in all corners of the earth.
For example, some island nations may be flooded in the next century due to rising waters in the oceans. Currently, scientists recognize five major mass extinctions. The latter led to the disappearance of 65 million years ago dinosaurs. His reasons still not fully understood. The death of the dinosaurs could have caused the fall of the meteorite, a supernova explosion, powerful volcanic eruptions, or climate change. Now on the brink of extinction are 19.6 thousand species of animals and plants – a third of all species that exist on Earth. Over the past two decades, the number of species threatened with extinction, has doubled. If the predatory attitude toward nature will continue, then, as some pessimists, 2050 Planet empty.

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