Lost civilization – the coast of Antarctica

01 Feb

The Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Antarctica, the most real lost civilization: a community of living organisms, living in great depth at the source of warm water. According to leaders of this scientific expedition, the inhabitants live as if it came from another planet. We were very surprised when they suddenly discovered a community of animals, because they are very different from other living organisms, hot springs, which at the bottom of the Atlantic” – told the researchers, the publication Live Science. Among the inhabitants of the mysterious depths of the sea appeared, such as hairy crabs. Strange creatures are grown on the chest and legs whole colonies of bacteria that thrive in the mineral-rich water of hot springs. These bacteria feed on them and – more to the bottom of the ocean where no sunlight reaches, there is nothing. But do crabs, in turn, serve as food for sea stars with seven limbs of their victims that lie in wait at the edges of the sources. Professor John Copley of the University of Southampton, explained that the importance of the discovery consists in the fact that the submarine hot springs off the coast of Antarctica, no one had yet explored. According to him, scientists have only recently ventured to begin research in these dangerous latitudes. Sources themselves have found back in 1999, but the organization of a full-scale expedition took them over ten years.

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