Fell from the sky a mysterious ball.

28 Feb

mysteriousThe north-eastern Brazil, in the state of Maranhao, fell from the sky a strange metal object spherical. As reported by Brazilian media, spherical object in diameter Рa little more than a meter, weight Рabout 30 kg. The sensation occurred on February 22 this year in the village Riashu dos Rokos. Spherical object fell into the courtyard at dawn, villagers Jose. At first he heard the roar of the fittest, as if, to an explosion. When Jos̩ ran into the courtyard, he saw this mysterious celestial body. Heavenly spherical object was made of a metal belonging to determine which have not yet obtained. Inside the celestial sphere Рthere is a hollow space, which is clearly a moving object: if a spherical body roll on the ground, then there is something moving. As a result of what happened: no one was injured, but the ball-shaped object was damaged part of the roof edge and a large tree that grew in the yard of Jose, leaving a funnel in the middle of the yard.
Now a poor farmer faces a dilemma, where to get money to repair the roof, as the price of roofing materials in the store is great and it pleased him to be a lot of money and free money, unfortunately, no. News of a mysterious celestial sphere caused great curiosity among the local inhabitants: to look at the celestial object in Riashu dos Rokos whole families come from neighboring villages and towns. While the origin of a mysterious celestial sphere until the install does not work, although scientists speculate that it may Circuits from space satellites or other aircraft. I want to remind you that this incident took place late last year in northern Namibia, where the sky had fallen metal ball, which weighed over 6 pounds and had a diameter of about 40 cm then the researchers also suggested that this celestial body has a universal origin. Mysterious ball of scientists engaged in NASA.

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