Deciphered the code can lead to the Mayan treasures

18 Feb

Deciphered the code can lead to the Mayan treasures
Joachim Rittsteygom, an expert in Mayan writing, a group of academics and journalists on Tuesday, went to Guatemala in search of lost treasures of the Maya, supposedly loaded on the bottom of Lake Izabal. According to German newspaper Bild, which sponsored the expedition, and, in the group included two reporters, photographers, TV camera and a professional diver, who, in fact, will seek seven tons of gold at the bottom of the lake. Joachim says that he was able to crack the famous Dresden Codex and find information in one of his chapters, leading to the treasure in Lake Izabal. Dresden Codex leads to unprecedented riches – eight tons of pure gold,” says Rittsteyg, who spent more than 40 years of the study document.
Honorary Professor of Dresden University and author of numerous publications about the culture of the Maya, Rittsteyg stressed that the “page 52 talks about the capital of the Maya – the city of Atlan, which was destroyed by an earthquake that occurred on 30 October in the year 666 BC. In 2156 the city kept gold plates on which the Maya recorded their laws. ” Treasures along with the city fell to the bottom of the lake Isabaev, located in eastern Guatemala. But German academic claims to have found the remains due to radar images captured in the area. Rittsteyg calculated that the “gold plates, according to experts, will cost about 211 million euros (290 million dollars).” And that pleases before opening the safes are unlikely to reach it – Maya safes do not know how. But some natural trap – it is quite possible. Dresden Codex, compiled in 1250 AD Mayan priests – is one of four key documents remained after the disappearance of culture. Posted in the Code of Saxon State Library in East Germany has been 272 years. The code was found in 1739 in possession of a rich man in Vienna, but no one knows how the code came into his hands. The man handed over a document library in Dresden, where it is contained under the bulletproof glass in a room with other precious documents. Joachim Rittsteyg devoted much of his life deciphering the code, which consists of 74 pages filled with hieroglyphics. The Dresden Codex contains much of what is known about the culture of modern science, Maya, including their understanding of astrology, medicine, and even information about the end of the world. In the last chapter of the Code describes the coming apocalypse, which will occur December 12, 2012.

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