Climatologists explain lower growth temperature

01 Feb

According to scientists, the reason for this was the fall of water vapor in the stratosphere. The work of authors published in the journal Science. Her summary of the results portal Nature News.

Despite the fact that the decade from 2000 to 2009 was the warmest on record, in recent years, the growth temperatures has slowed somewhat. Skeptics have regarded this as proof that global warming as such does not exist.

The creators of the work suggested that the cause of climate change may be water vapor contained in the stratosphere – the layer of the atmosphere, which is located at a height of 11 to 50 kilometers. Analysis of observational data for the stratosphere has shown that since 2000 the amount of steam has decreased by 10 percent. According to some climate models, such a fall can compensate for the increase of temperatures due to the increase in atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide by 25 percent.

Reports of change in content of water vapor in the stratosphere first appeared in 1999. However, later found evidence that the measurement scientists are unreliable. In the new study, we used satellite data and their reliability has not been questioned, said Lenta.Ru.

At the moment it is unclear what causes decrease in the concentration of vapor in the stratosphere. According to one hypothesis, the reason is the decrease in temperature in the lower stratosphere at about one degree over the past ten years. Due to the cold part of the water vapor frozen out. Why does the temperature of the stratosphere has fallen, and yet incomprehensible.

Recently, any reports that the growth temperatures halt or slow down, causing increased interest. This is connected with the scandal, known as “klimatgeyt. He burst on the eve of the 15 th Conference on Climate Change, held in Copenhagen.

Unknown hackers have posted to the Web thousands of documents created by climate scientists. Some of the published papers, according to skeptics, testified that the researchers deliberately falsified data in order to create the illusion of warming. Scientists completely deny all charges

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