Along the coast of Tasmania found the oldest in the world of the whale

26 Feb

Australian Antarctic Division scientists and oceanographers have discovered a unique discovery: Tasman beaked whale whale species, whose existence was previously available only to written testimony. Now, scientists were able to not only take pictures but the camera and film a unique find.For the first time, scientists have announced the existence of the Tasman beaked whale in 1933. Then the sailors found a rare animal off the coast of New Zealand.
Until now, marine biologist was aware of all the eight meetings with a unique inhabitant of the ocean. Under assumptions of oceanographers, the Tasman beaked whale inhabits the immense depth, and rises to the surface is extremely rare. The size of the whales reach 9 meters in length. Information on animal populations are not available. How do scientists believe the Tasman beaked whale is the most primitive and oldest type of whale. Earlier, French scientists have shown that people have played an important role in the disappearance of tropical forests and savannas appear in the central part of Africa 3000 years ago

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