A storm is raging in the Crimea …

14 Feb

stormThe Crimean peninsula remain difficult weather situation, the air temperature -14 degrees, the speed of the north wind 23 – 26 meters per second, gusts up to 35 m / s. De-energized 82 settlements with a total population of people, 56 000 people. Storm raging on February 6 off the coast of Alushta, partially destroyed not only the central waterfront resort, but its south-western part, a well-known “Professor’s Corner.”Here, in addition to most of the damage to various beach structures, retaining walls due to washing away the failures appeared paved road. Part of the center of the promenade, close to schools, “Castel” and rest homes “Sea” and partly sank into the ground in a hole in a length of about 35 meters, a width of about 10 meters and a depth of about 10 meters.
Entry of vehicles into the territory of the western part of the waterfront view of what is happening is prohibited. February 8 in Alushta has been a meeting of the commission of an emergency, which was attended by the entire leadership of the city and all the emergency services. The key now – to prevent loss of life,” – said in his speech before the public utilities, law enforcement officers and rescue workers first secretary of the City Council Soloviev. He also appealed to the City Attorney, that he took personal control of work processes for all services in the aftermath of the hurricane. Previously, suffered extensive destruction of the city of Alushta central promenade and coastal zone Partenit. At the same time a little earlier due to strong gusty winds were torn from the roofs of buildings covering four new schools in Simferopol .. But hotels and motels hardly affected, probably affected the quality of public space has the Soviet era. What can I say, if built on the conscience and therefore stay in Alushta hotel in good order and within a fortnight to the beginning of spring, will receive its first visitors – those, for then the numbers are not easily scared .. According to the press center of the city council in Simferopol, in these schools zanyatiya suspended, while other schools and kindergartens are attended as usual. In the area of Kerch in a number of streets in the form of permanent leakage of water from the culvert on the road broken through the solid ice crust formed, and about 200 meters of road surface turned into a pile of ice ridges, alternating with complete wells as water leaks, and immediately frozen. The Prime Minister of Crimea Anatoly Mogilev was said that the situation on the Crimean peninsula today is under control and therefore the state of emergency will not be.

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