The reason for the nearest end of the world?

26 Jan

One of the most dangerous reactions in the Earth’s magnetic storms caused by overactivity of the Sun, may be an inversion (reversal) – change the polarity of the magnetic field. At this point, the magnetic field of the planet is greatly weakened, allowing solar radiation to penetrate the Earth’s surface. Given that the solar radiation itself at this point many times greater than the natural value of humanity and the animal world there is little chance. Academician Eugeny Shemyakin and Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics Sergei Tsygankov believe that the inversion process has already begun, and the solar hyperactivity can become a catalyst. Inversion of Earth’s magnetic field occurred four times over the past 4.5 million years. This is confirmed by geological data. Scientists say that over the past 170 years, the magnetic field of the planet weakened by 15%, with the rate of rise. Researchers say that the weakening of the magnetic field better transmits to Earth solar radiation, which may account for the observed global warming us. How to protect against an inversion? As you can see, change is nothing we can, but only salvation will be life under the earth at great depths.

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