Scientists have found another explanation for the Mayan calendar

mayaMore recently, scientists have tried to convince everyone that the Mayan prophecies do not exist, it is an invention of journalists avid for sensation, but anthropologists from the University of Mexico claim that Maya was named in 2012 the last two times. The scientific community believes that the prediction of the Apocalypse is not more than an arbitrary interpretation of the inscription on the stone tablet Mayan times, found in the ruins of the ancient town of Tortuguero in the Mexican state of Tabasco. However, scientists from the National Institute of Anthropology and History in Mexico have found another mention date of December 21, 2012. In the ruins of the city Komalkalko relating to the days of the Mayan and situated close to the Tortuguero, archaeologists found a brick with a unique inscription.
The representative of the Institute of Arturo Mendez said that a fragment of an inscription was discovered and studied a few years ago. It is stored in the vaults of the institute. Announce that we found out in the analysis of the inscriptions, the scientists decided to just now. The inscription is a “calendar circle” – a combination of days and months, which is repeated every 52 years. Marked on the calendar date corresponding to the end of the thirteenth baktun. Baktun – a period spanning approximately 394 years, and 13 – sacred to the Mayan number. One version of the Mayan calendar, entitled “Long Count” begins in 3114 BC. Oe. and thirteenth baktun ends around December 21, 2012. It is established that the inscription is hardly a prophecy, because there is no indication of the future – in hieroglyphs used today. “The third glyph is read on the brick, it seems, as a verb huli, which literally means” he / she / it is coming. ” However, the special markup, meaning future statements in the text is not that, I think, rather indicates a reference to the past than prophecy “- soothes Maya hieroglyphics expert from the University of Texas at Austin, David Stewart. “Some colleagues offer a different interpretation of the inscriptions, but they do not convince me” – he wrote. Scientists sum up – a mysterious and frightening still a bit too much: a plate of Tortuguero and brick from Komalkalko were created around the same time – 1,300 years ago and written in one language. The inscription of Tortuguero hints at something that will happen in 2012 with the participation of Bologna Yokte, mysterious Mayan god in their pantheon of charge and for the destruction, and for creation. Erosion, which worked on the artifacts, can not read anything more intelligible than “He’s come down to us from heaven.” Bricks of Kamalko not less mysterious – it looks like it was turned into the wall inscriptions in construction and his prophecies were hidden from the people. However, many experts doubt that we are talking about the end of the world: representation of Mayan time cycles began and ended without any kind was the apocalypse. However, to understand the existing interpretations of the prophecies of the ancient Maya, the National Institute of Anthropology and History in Mexico will organize a round table with participation of sixty specialists.

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