Scenario number four-Earth follows the fate of Mars

MarsThe earth will be completely deserted, as today’s Mars. Foreshadows the fate of such an incredible planet Sigenore Maruyama, a researcher at Tokyo Institute of Technology.
According to calculations by the Japanese scientist, Earth loses annually about 900 million tons of precious moisture, and over a billion years would lose all the water. Slowly turn the planet into a desert, all living organisms would perish. The hypothesis of a Japanese scientist is a lot of controversy in the scientific community.
Particularly questionable is the idea that water is collected in a zone transfer between the upper and lower layers of the mantle at a depth of 410 – 660 kilometers. Specialists who do not share the opinion Sigenore Maruyama, I think that this would have to be bound, which would be shared zone of the mantle into two layers. And at last count mantle is a whole, the substance sink to its border with the nucleus. New research shows how likely dehydration of the Earth. While this scenario is the most controversial of the apocalypse.

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