Scenario number 7 End of the Milky Way in a black hole

25 Jan

black holeThe black hole at the center of the galaxy, wakes up in her all the stars fall through the funnel of the Milky Way. If we observe the Milky Way and other galaxies far away, rush out into the eyes of an obvious difference: in our solar system, the relative calm prevails, whereas many other galaxies live in constant activity. Gas emissions, an area of high intensity of star formation, a flood of radio waves, X-rays and gamma rays, the release of huge amounts of energy, all this gives the appearance of galaxies nearby stars, whereas in fact they are from us at a distance of billions of light years away.
One hypothesis explains the frantic activity of these stellar systems are in their centers of giant black holes whose mass is in the tens of millions of solar masses. The existence of such a mega-cosmic vacuum cleaner, which can not be seen directly, astronomers confirm the observed vortex phenomena and the highest temperature changes that occur during the absorption of substances into the black hole and the accompanying release of energy and gas.
And what about our own Milky Way? Astrophysics, watching him in the center of various range of radio waves, infrared and X-rays, gamma rays as well as gathering and a lot of data have suggested that in his heart there is a black hole.
Scientists have suggested that in the center of the Milky Way there is an increased concentration of a substance whose mass exceeds the solar by about two million times, but the amount of light that reaches out to us disproportionately small. By the way, this is why some scientists are skeptical that the center of the Milky Way really is a huge black hole. But on the other hand, it is bulky guests, leading relatively quiet, found not only in our country, but also in other seemingly normal galaxies, such as the Andromeda galaxy and its companion M32, a recent study by the Space Telescope “Hubble.”
Perhaps the black hole formed in a collision with other galaxies in those days, when the universe was still small in size. However, while she sleeps. But what happens when they meet it with other galaxies, if she ever wake up from sleep? The answer is disappointing: the black hole will pull itself into the whole of our galaxy. In this case, the Milky Way expects the unenviable fate – first, he turned into a whirlpool of stars and gas, and then – in a tiny area the size of infinite density.

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