Scenario number 6 End of the solar system

24 Jan

solarIcy planets in the solar system will be flying in the darkness around the white dwarf Sun. A terrible expansion, which will occur with the Sun in the red giant stage, the curtain fell on the stage of earthly life. But it will not be the last act of his existence. In this state, the sun will be another billion years. It will be powered by helium, and then start to burn the other – more serious – the elements located at a greater depth in the core of stars, the devouring layer by layer, decreasing as the bulb. When his turn comes to iron, the process of nuclear fusion, releasing energy to stop. However, the transformation of elements in the stellar interior will continue, and very active, but now it will happen to energy absorption.
During the successive fusion reactions will occur during times of instability of the Sun, during which its luminosity will vary, giving him the appearance of variable stars such as pulsating stars – Cepheids. In the final period of the phase shift will be accelerated, each additional will be shorter than the previous. And yet, in contrast to stars with larger mass, the sun does not end his life immediately, that is, by the explosion. The uppermost layers “otshelushatsya” into space, forming a planetary nebula there.
In the center of the solar planetary nebula will remain cold core of hydrogen, helium, carbon, oxygen and other – more serious – elements. Its size will be comparable with the volume of the Earth, and the density of millions of times greater than the density of water (in other words, the weight of a cubic centimeter of the substance to be measured tons!)
Cool down for billions of years, it has cooled to a temperature of 4000 Kelvin, and its substance will begin the process of crystallization.
Around a small white sun will rotate the surviving relics of the planets, most likely it will be Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, the rings are cold to evaporate during the red giant phase. And come the eternal night, during which will be as dark as it is today on the Earth during a full moon and the sun will appear slightly brighter than the other night stars. The last act of the play “solar system” – dance of the planets around cool stars a little cold.

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