Scenario number 5 Giant Sun

23 Jan

sunThe end of his life a huge red sun will swallow the Earth, which turned into a scorched desert. Once the sun looked very different than today. After billions of years it will again change its appearance. However, these changes are imperceptible to the human scale of time. Nevertheless, the Sun has its own life cycle – from the formation of clouds of interstellar matter, then a period of more or less peaceful existence, and then certain death. Energy Forge Sun, like any other star, has a thermonuclear nature and duration of a star to be in direct proportion to its mass. Unlike wood burning is the longer, more combustible substance, with stars is reversed. The more they have, the shorter the period during which they reach the final stage, ie the phase when fully exhausted its sources of energy.
The Sun, whose mass is relatively small, the total duration of this phase is approximately 10 billion years. We are witnessing just the middle of this process. Five billion years the sun will use up all the hydrogen, helium, and will move to become more of today’s 75 percent.
Will be held a few billion years, and the new Sun will swallow Mercury and Venus – the planet closest to the center located solar system. And Earth, floating in the hot solar atmosphere, descend from its orbit and eventually spiraling plunge into the crucible of a huge star. It is possible that Mars will carry, and about a billion years, there to establish a climate suitable for life or to restore it, if it is true that it is there already existed several billion years ago. But we do about it will never know.

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