One of the most mysterious of scientific societies that ever existed in recent history. The rise and its development, the Ahnenerbe was a Nazi Germany, where he actively supported Adolf Hitler. Translated from the German “Ahnenerbe” means “the heritage of their ancestors.” The objectives of the scientific center was to investigate and bring arguments in… Read more Ahnenerbe

Todai Ji

The world’s largest wooden building, which is also considered and the largest Buddhist temple in Japan, in the city of Nara. To date, Todai Ji is a UNESCO World Heritage List under the auspices of the UN. The structure impresses tourists not only for its size but also gilded Buddha statue, which is located inside.… Read more Todai Ji

Kumamoto Castle

The eponymous Japanese province, is one of the most magnificent monuments in the land of the rising sun. Translated from the Japanese, “Kumamoto” is translated as “crow nest.” The history of the castle takes from 1468, when the site of the palace was founded by a small military fort to strengthen the coastline from possible… Read more Kumamoto Castle