Large asteroid approaching Earth

31 Jan

Asteroid 10 meters in diameter will rush on Friday, about 60 thousand kilometers from Earth, publish data as outlined in the NASA sites. The asteroid named 2012 BX34 was discovered on January 25, scientists of the American project “Catalina”, whose main task is to search for small solar system bodies – comets and asteroids. Somewhat later, this information was confirmed by observatories, “Magdalena Ridge” and “Mount Lemon.” According to scientists, an asteroid the size of about 10 meters, although previously said that it can reach a diameter of 20 meters. This is a celestial body soon warming up the planet Earth at a distance of less than 0.00044 astronomical units or 65.3 thousand miles or thirty thousand kilometers above the geostationary satellites. The calculations show that at the end of January 1959 he may have flown closer to Earth – a distance of 59 kilometers. However, closer than a Friday, this object will not be close to our planet by the mid 22th century – until the calculated points closer to an end.

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