Discovered the lost research of Darwin

historyThe University of London, Howard Falcon-Lang discovered in a remote room of British Geological … … Management of fossils, which at one time studied by Charles Darwin As reported by foreign media, Falcon-Lang, found in an old cabinet with glass plates 314 fossils, some of which were equipped with explanatory inscriptions. I do not even realize at first that some instances of a signature made by Charles Darwin himself,” – said the scientist. According to him, among the finds, there are specimens of flora and fauna that Darwin discovered while traveling on the ship “Beagle.”
Recordings made during this expedition were the basis of his theory of the origin of species and natural selection. Experts believe that the analysis of samples of Darwin research will help scientists make up the modern picture of prehistoric times. Found pieces of plants and animals, they say, lay in a closet for about 150 years. I do not understand how these values were for so long under our noses and were considered lost,” – Falcon-Lang, amazed. He believes that the fossils so carelessly treated, for the reason that while Darwin’s theory was not as popular as later.

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