2012-th the final year of the Mayan calendar. 2012-D – close to Earth will fly the planet Nibiru. End of the World?

The 12th planet is visible to the human eye, but to notice it, you need to know the location of the stars. Now the 12th planet has a brightness of about magnitude 2.0 and has the same size as the star, visible to the naked eye. It does not shine with the intensity of most of the stars, and emits a dull diffused light, has an even glow. Although the size of the 12 th planet is 4 times larger than Earth, and thus greater than that of Mars or Pluto, is now at much greater distances and thus its appearance is not comparable with the appearance of Mars or Pluto. The accuracy of the predictions of the approximation of the planet will be better defined in the last year by the reaction of the Earth. This is an issue that can not be predicted accurately because there are too many variables that affect this process in its approach, but the core of the Earth has already reacted, and this is reflected rising temperature of the oceans around the world. The next feature to be noted – an increase in volcanic activity, larger and more frequent earthquakes in the world …
Meanwhile, an employee of NASA, on condition of anonymity, said SpaceNews, that the space agency conducts preliminary study concerning the construction and start the automatic space probe on Nibiru. The problem is that until we know a lot of parameters on the planet: its orbit, the direction and speed, weight and diameter of the planet. The data needed to calculate the trajectory of an artificial satellite. We understand what a threat to Earth could be Nibiru, if this planet is really there, we will do everything possible to it (the threat-Ed.) Minimize” – he said.

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