Large asteroid approaching Earth

Asteroid 10 meters in diameter will rush on Friday, about 60 thousand kilometers from Earth, publish data as outlined in the NASA sites. The asteroid named 2012 BX34 was discovered on January 25, scientists of the American project “Catalina”, whose main task is to search for small solar system bodies – comets and asteroids. Somewhat later, this information was confirmed by observatories, “Magdalena Ridge” and “Mount Lemon.” According to scientists, an asteroid the size of about 10 meters, although previously said that it can reach a diameter of 20 meters. This is a celestial body soon warming up the planet Earth at a distance of less than 0.00044 astronomical units or 65.3 thousand miles or thirty thousand kilometers above the geostationary satellites. The calculations show that at the end of January 1959 he may have flown closer to Earth – a distance of 59 kilometers. However, closer than a Friday, this object will not be close to our planet by the mid 22th century – until the calculated points closer to an end.

Most ice and the Arctic-Antarctica

iceThe Board of Directors for Research of the Antarctic and the Arctic Research Institute, said that last year was for the Arctic – this extraordinary geographical area of the Earth too warm. The whole 2011 was the warmest for the last 50 years in the Arctic. Temperature anomalies were 4-5 degrees. There were already serious consequences of these changes “- shared their research scientists. The researchers added that some of the warming trends have occurred in Antarctica. But, according to scientists of the Institute of Geography RAS, when actually recorded a warming of planet Earth, the amount of ice on the southern continent is growing significantly. Continue reading “Most ice and the Arctic-Antarctica”

Discovered the lost research of Darwin

historyThe University of London, Howard Falcon-Lang discovered in a remote room of British Geological … … Management of fossils, which at one time studied by Charles Darwin As reported by foreign media, Falcon-Lang, found in an old cabinet with glass plates 314 fossils, some of which were equipped with explanatory inscriptions. I do not even realize at first that some instances of a signature made by Charles Darwin himself,” – said the scientist. According to him, among the finds, there are specimens of flora and fauna that Darwin discovered while traveling on the ship “Beagle.” Continue reading “Discovered the lost research of Darwin”

Scientists have found another explanation for the Mayan calendar

mayaMore recently, scientists have tried to convince everyone that the Mayan prophecies do not exist, it is an invention of journalists avid for sensation, but anthropologists from the University of Mexico claim that Maya was named in 2012 the last two times. The scientific community believes that the prediction of the Apocalypse is not more than an arbitrary interpretation of the inscription on the stone tablet Mayan times, found in the ruins of the ancient town of Tortuguero in the Mexican state of Tabasco. However, scientists from the National Institute of Anthropology and History in Mexico have found another mention date of December 21, 2012. In the ruins of the city Komalkalko relating to the days of the Mayan and situated close to the Tortuguero, archaeologists found a brick with a unique inscription. Continue reading “Scientists have found another explanation for the Mayan calendar”

2012-th the final year of the Mayan calendar. 2012-D – close to Earth will fly the planet Nibiru. End of the World?

The 12th planet is visible to the human eye, but to notice it, you need to know the location of the stars. Now the 12th planet has a brightness of about magnitude 2.0 and has the same size as the star, visible to the naked eye. It does not shine with the intensity of most of the stars, and emits a dull diffused light, has an even glow. Although the size of the 12 th planet is 4 times larger than Earth, and thus greater than that of Mars or Pluto, is now at much greater distances and thus its appearance is not comparable with the appearance of Mars or Pluto. The accuracy of the predictions of the approximation of the planet will be better defined in the last year by the reaction of the Earth. This is an issue that can not be predicted accurately because there are too many variables that affect this process in its approach, but the core of the Earth has already reacted, and this is reflected rising temperature of the oceans around the world. The next feature to be noted – an increase in volcanic activity, larger and more frequent earthquakes in the world … Continue reading “2012-th the final year of the Mayan calendar. 2012-D – close to Earth will fly the planet Nibiru. End of the World?”

The reason for the nearest end of the world?

One of the most dangerous reactions in the Earth’s magnetic storms caused by overactivity of the Sun, may be an inversion (reversal) – change the polarity of the magnetic field. At this point, the magnetic field of the planet is greatly weakened, allowing solar radiation to penetrate the Earth’s surface. Given that the solar radiation itself at this point many times greater than the natural value of humanity and the animal world there is little chance. Academician Eugeny Shemyakin and Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics Sergei Tsygankov believe that the inversion process has already begun, and the solar hyperactivity can become a catalyst. Inversion of Earth’s magnetic field occurred four times over the past 4.5 million years. This is confirmed by geological data. Scientists say that over the past 170 years, the magnetic field of the planet weakened by 15%, with the rate of rise. Researchers say that the weakening of the magnetic field better transmits to Earth solar radiation, which may account for the observed global warming us. How to protect against an inversion? As you can see, change is nothing we can, but only salvation will be life under the earth at great depths.

Scenario number 7 End of the Milky Way in a black hole

black holeThe black hole at the center of the galaxy, wakes up in her all the stars fall through the funnel of the Milky Way. If we observe the Milky Way and other galaxies far away, rush out into the eyes of an obvious difference: in our solar system, the relative calm prevails, whereas many other galaxies live in constant activity. Gas emissions, an area of high intensity of star formation, a flood of radio waves, X-rays and gamma rays, the release of huge amounts of energy, all this gives the appearance of galaxies nearby stars, whereas in fact they are from us at a distance of billions of light years away. Continue reading “Scenario number 7 End of the Milky Way in a black hole”

Scenario number 6 End of the solar system

solarIcy planets in the solar system will be flying in the darkness around the white dwarf Sun. A terrible expansion, which will occur with the Sun in the red giant stage, the curtain fell on the stage of earthly life. But it will not be the last act of his existence. In this state, the sun will be another billion years. It will be powered by helium, and then start to burn the other – more serious – the elements located at a greater depth in the core of stars, the devouring layer by layer, decreasing as the bulb. When his turn comes to iron, the process of nuclear fusion, releasing energy to stop. However, the transformation of elements in the stellar interior will continue, and very active, but now it will happen to energy absorption. Continue reading “Scenario number 6 End of the solar system”

Scenario number 5 Giant Sun

sunThe end of his life a huge red sun will swallow the Earth, which turned into a scorched desert. Once the sun looked very different than today. After billions of years it will again change its appearance. However, these changes are imperceptible to the human scale of time. Nevertheless, the Sun has its own life cycle – from the formation of clouds of interstellar matter, then a period of more or less peaceful existence, and then certain death. Energy Forge Sun, like any other star, has a thermonuclear nature and duration of a star to be in direct proportion to its mass. Unlike wood burning is the longer, more combustible substance, with stars is reversed. The more they have, the shorter the period during which they reach the final stage, ie the phase when fully exhausted its sources of energy. Continue reading “Scenario number 5 Giant Sun”

Scenario number four-Earth follows the fate of Mars

MarsThe earth will be completely deserted, as today’s Mars. Foreshadows the fate of such an incredible planet Sigenore Maruyama, a researcher at Tokyo Institute of Technology.
According to calculations by the Japanese scientist, Earth loses annually about 900 million tons of precious moisture, and over a billion years would lose all the water. Slowly turn the planet into a desert, all living organisms would perish. The hypothesis of a Japanese scientist is a lot of controversy in the scientific community. Continue reading “Scenario number four-Earth follows the fate of Mars”