The ritual burial discovered an ancient civilization

20 Dec

civilizationThe sacrificed people discovered in northern Peru: a huge tomb at once found the remains of 60 people who have been a ritual offering to the gods for a thousand years ago. As reported in the Saturday edition of the Peruvian La Republica, good luck accompanied the work of two Peruvian archaeologists leading the excavations in the northern region of Lambayeque more than six months. In a huge pit depth of eight meters and an area of 150 square meters of many found human skeletons, skulls, separated from the body, the remains of dogs, domestic utensils.
The items found are indicated rituals of sacrifice. Scientists maintain that we can talk about the gods of civilization Sican, which flourished on the northern coast of Peru in the current years 800-1300 AD, before the Incas. Scientists expect that the observed burial will be able to give a lot of new facts for the study of ancient civilization Sican.

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