The remains of extraterrestrials

01 Dec

Eugene Dimities, scientist of the Center of the planetary protection NGOs to them. SA Lavochkin, in areas falling to the earth and the Tunguska meteorite Krasnoturanskogo, discovered a very simple matter not – “Strimerglasy.”After 15 years of research, it became clear that these substances represent unique fragments of skeletons of sea creatures, and initially, they were mistaken for ordinary slag, which resembled glass bottle.Eugene Dmitriev says that Strimerglasy part of the core eruption of comets, born from the satellites of Jupiter vast, as well as other major satellites of the planets. The fall of these substances are found near the reservoir “Smerdyachee” near lakes and ponds Shatura crater edge.
Comparing Strimerglasov fall in different places, the scientist put forward the idea: the planets, comets came from, perhaps, there are oceans of water saturated with salt.The research scientists, may confirm the theory, for listing of life on our planet fallen comets. With the help of his ideas, Eugene Dmitriev wants to be recognized among our scientists, as well as, perhaps, to start a new science of paleontology comet.

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